SKNANB deactivated all old bank cards last week, urging customers to come into branches and collect new ones.


Basseterre–Did your old St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd. (SKNANB)¬†bank card stop working this week?

It could be because it was deactivated, says SKNANB who is urging all their customers who have not done so to go to a branch and collect their new debit cards.

The bank introduced a new smart card and began distributing it to clients on March 23. It has an embedded microchip and offers a variety of improvements over the previous debit cards including enhanced security features and other conveniences. However, the time is running out for persons who have not yet collected their new card.

SKNANB Executive Manager for Marketing Anthony Morton said all the old bank cards were deactivated on June 15. He said a campaign had been ongoing to ask customers to come in and get their new cards.