National domino competition: PM Harris congratulates sponsors, organisers

    The SKNDA domino tournament: Clockwise from top shows Keithly Blanchette at the opening ceremony; competition in full gear; Prime Minister Dr. Harris and Calvin Farrell watch a game; and, Dr. Harris watches King Balang in action. (Photos by Peter Ngunjiri)
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    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — Sponsor of the longest running domino league in the country, Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, on January 24 congratulated sponsors and organisers of a national domino competition, which has brought together seasoned domino players from across the country.

    Prime Minister Harris, sponsor of the highly successful Constituency Number Seven Domino League recently relaunched St. Kitts National Domino Association (SKNDA) national domino competition involving 12 teams. SKNDA celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.

    Prime Minister Harris watches as Nevisian Edison Parris, playing for Newcomers I, makes a move in their game against Til Ah Morning. Newcomers I won 28-18.

    “I want to first congratulate the sponsors and the organisers for coming together and putting together what today has been a very exciting game of domino, which involves players from all across the country,” said Hon. Dr. Harris.

    The competition will help select the St. Kitts team that will take part at future World Council of Domino Federation (WCDF) championships after an eighteen-year hiatus. The championships are sponsored by the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, a Platinum Sponsor; First Federal Credit Union; Best For Less Trading Ltd; The Craft House; and NAGICO Insurances.

    Prime Minister Harris, fifth from right in blue, congratulates Terminal Boyz, the first team to win after they beat Latecomers 26-6. Captain Brian Brookes is fourth from the right, while SKNDA Chairman Romeo Parris is on the far right.

    “The games started after five o’clock and we are going late and there is still high energy, and high excitement,” remarked Dr. Harris. After the first results in which Terminal Boyz Domino Club beat Latecomers Domino Club 26-6, were announced at 8:20 p.m.

    “It shows there is a strong passion, and what is good is we have a mix,” Dr Harris observed. “We have those from the Spanish community, we have our own local players, we have the most youthful players, and we have some who are advanced in age. There are many opportunities for each one to learn. In my view, this evening up to tonight so far has been the very best in terms of domino I have seen played in many years.”

    As he commended all the teams taking part in the competition the Prime Minister noted: “Of course I am impressed that we have quite a number of the teams that have been playing in my own constituency league over many years. So all in all, this is a fantastic show of solidarity and support.”

    In games played on Sunday, Terminal Boyz beat Latecomers 26-6; Eagle Claws beat Newcomers II 26-22; Spartans Fig Tree beat King Balang 26-17; Los Fuertes del Domino beat Lodge 26-6; Poor Man Pocket beat Masters 26-16; and Newcomers I beat Til Ah Morning 28-18.

    In an exhibition game, Prime Minister Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris is paired with Keithly Blanchette play against tournament sponsors Ms. Haley Cassius and Anand Samtani.

    Points standing after three rounds of play: Terminal Boyz and Poor Man Pocket are jointly holding the first position each having amassed 16 points. The second position is also jointly held as Til Ah Morning and Newcomers I have 11 points each. Others are Latecomers, 10 points; Masters, 10 points; Lodge, 5 points; Eagle Claws, 5 points; Los Fuertes del Domino, 5 points; Spartans Fig Tree, 5 points; Newcomers II, 0 points; and King Balang, 0 points.

    Fourth round of play will be on Thursday January 28 at the same venue, starting at 5:00 pm.

    “I just want to say kudos to the Honourable Prime Minister for showing the sort of interest he has been showing over the last twenty-five-plus years to keep domino alive,” said President of the St. Kitts National Domino Association, Romeo Parris. “There has been no national domino in any organised way that has been taking place, so domino would have been dead basically at a certain level had it not been for his involvement.”

    The official opening ceremony of the tournament on January 24 at the New Town Community Centre was chaired by Vice Chairman of the St. Kitts National Domino Association Keithly Blanchette, main sponsor Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis was represented by Public Relations Officer Peter Ngunjiri, while Best For Less Trading Ltd was represent by Manager Anand Samtani, and The Craft House by General Manager Ms. Haley Cassius.

    “This game would not have been possible had it not been for the large contribution from the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis, and the cooperation of the institution’s CEO Lenworth Harris, so that must be underlined,” commented Parris. “We also thank our other sponsors, First Federal Credit Union, Best For Less Trading Ltd, The Craft House, and NAGICO Insurances for supporting the tournament.”

    Dr. Harris with sponsors and organisers: Top steps from left, Keithly Blanchette, Anand Samtani, Ms. Brenda Hazel, Prime Minister Harris, Cremoy Agard, and Ms. Hazel Cassius. Others are Julian Morton and Delroy Liburd, front.
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