Nevis abattoir receiving area closed for roof repairs

The Minister of Agriculture Hon, Alexis Jeffers
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By Monique Washington

The receiving area at the abattoir in Prospect Nevis has been closed until further notice due to urgent roof repairs that began this week, according to Permanent Secretary in Agriculture Eric Evelyn.

Farmers bring their animals to the receiving area to be slaughtered.

“We decided to do some repairs on the roof in the receiving area that will begin Monday Sept. 5,” Evelyn explained. “Due to that work we want to advise the general public, especially butchers and anyone who normally brings animals to the abattoir to be slaughtered that no more animals will be received until further notice.”

Evelyn explained that although the abattoir’s receiving are is closed it will still be open during normally hours every day.

“Customers can still get service at the abattoir,” Evelyn said.  When asked how long the repair will take he said “maybe around two weeks.”

Evelyn said some farmers “may have meat in storage” to supply consumers while the abattoir receiving area is closed. He said if anyone needs to take their animals to be butchered they can go to the abattoir in St. Kitts.

Evelyn said soon the new wing of the abattoir will be completed. The project began last February.

The new abattoir addition will include a smoke house, smoke room, production area, walk-in freezers, staff quarters and toilet facilities. The new addition will be an extension from the older site. There will be a connection from one section to the next, the expansion will increase the overall square footage of the Prospect compound.

The Minister of Agriculture Hon, Alexis Jeffers said previously that the new wing “is envisioned to bring greater improvements and to complement services already offered at the abattoir,”

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