Nevis-born Caribbean Artist Helen France MBE Celebrates Nevis Culture In UK Exhibition

Helen France.
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Nevis – Nevis-born Caribbean artist Helen France, MBE, is launching a six-month “Windrush Stories” exhibition on Monday, June 17. The Exhibition, hosted at Shine, a community and business hub on Harehills Road, Leeds LS8, will celebrate Nevis, the place of her birth, and the experiences of the Windrush Generation. Through her distinct artistic lens, Helen plans to showcase personal stories of growing up in Nevis and the experiences of the Windrush Generation.

Helen France.

The Exhibition will offer an immersive and enlightening experience, displaying vibrant and joyous celebrations of Nevis’ rich culture and history, all seen through the unique perspective of Helen’s artwork.

Helen, a prominent figure in the art world with a career spanning over five decades, is not just an artist but a member of the Windrush Generation herself. Her personal connection and deep understanding of this generation’s experiences infuse her art with captivating depth and authenticity.

She aims to bring her dream of showcasing a Windrush exhibition to the diverse community of Leeds and Harehills to celebrate this year’s Windrush Day. She is grateful for the support and funding of the Leeds City Council for her Exhibition, which is a testament to the council’s commitment to promoting diversity and cultural understanding in the city.

Originally from the Caribbean Island of Nevis, Helen is the niece of Sir Joseph Nathaniel France, KCMG, CBE, a Saint Kitts and Nevis politician, Journalist, and trade union leader. Helen is part of the Windrush Generation, a group that migrated from Caribbean countries to the United Kingdom between 1948 and 1971. The Exhibition focuses on their significant contributions to the UK’s development.

Helen has actively promoted a positive message of tolerance towards Caribbean culture and celebrating the genuine richness of multicultural Britain. She has received numerous art awards for contributing to the Leeds Caribbean community and has shared her Art on various platforms. The Exhibition will take place at Shine, a community and business hub on Harehills Road. This diverse and vibrant neighborhood reflects the multicultural fabric of Leeds, making it the perfect setting for celebrating Caribbean culture and the Windrush Generation.

Visitors to the Exhibition can expect vibrant and colorful work celebrating Nevis, Caribbean, and Yorkshire living. But it’s not just about viewing the art. The Exhibition will also feature sculptures that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the stories and experiences of the Windrush Generation, making it a truly engaging and memorable experience.

It specifically celebrates the Caribbean people invited to the UK who began arriving at the HMT Empire Windrush in 1948 

The Exhibition Location: Shine, Community and Business Hub

Ground floor, Harehills Road, Leeds LS8 5HS.

Date: June 17, 2024, for six months.

Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Entrance: Free.

All are welcome.

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