Nevis calls for water conservation as dry spell hits

The Nevis Island Administration has called on residents to conserve water.
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The Minister in charge of Water on Nevis, Hon Spencer Brand has called on residences to conserve as much water as possible during the dry season.

The Nevis Water department is reminding customers that measures relating to the dry spell will be experienced. It has already implemented a water rationing schedule for the island.

“We are already in the dry spell in the Leeward Islands in particular the island of Nevis, I want to encourage our people to conserve as much water as possible. It is no secret that the rain fall patterns have changed and it therefore behoves us to be more prudent in our use of water and our efforts to conserve water,” he said.

The minister said it was his hope that BEAD LLC who was contracted to find additional water on Nevis  would soon report good news.

Last year BEAD handed over two operational and an off-line, non-operational well to the Nevis Island Administration (NIA), after a 10-year agreement between Bead LLC and the NIA through the Ministry of Water Services expired. The BEAD wells supply a significant amount of the total water production on the island, with the capacity of 237 imperial gallons per minute at the well at Maddens Estate and 275 imperial gallons per minute at Fothergills Estate in Gingerland. The end of this agreement made the NIA the sole owner of the water supply on the island.

BEAD was given a second contract to identify, drill, develop, build pump stations and install the necessary equipment for the water wells, and immediately turn over the successful wells to the NIA.

The NIA’s ownership of the wells will bring a significant saving to the Government . The NIA paid out approximately US $35,000 to US $55,000 per month to BEAD depending on water demand.

“There are a number of possible sites we can explore for additional water. We have been patient and I am hoping that we can see additional water on the island of Nevis very shortly. At this time do you very best to conserve as much water as possible,” Brand concluded.






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