Nevis Cops Warn-‘No Parties…or Else’

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Monique Washington

The Nevis Division of the RSC&N Police Force has warned even though Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris has lifted the total lockdown on the weekends, having parties and gatherings are still prohibited.

On Friday Dr. Harris announced the government has put in place an extension of the days of limited operations to the seven-day week and ended the 24-hour curfew.

Superintendent Lydon David noted that this past weekend the police had to stop a party at someone’s residence.

“We have seen some people being careless and we had to break up a party over the weekend. People were there drinking alcohol and eating and drinking without facemasks. We are of the view that none of them was of the immediate family. We are saying to discontinue this practice,” he warned.

David reminded Nevisians all retail liquor licenses are still suspended and therefore there should not be any selling of liquor at bars or restaurants and people should not be on their premises to patronize them.

“With the gradual relaxation of the restriction and guidance during this State of Emergency the majority of persons on the island are willing to comply and have been complying. I am saying to you, continue to do so.”

He pointed out that there are some people who are refusing to wear their face masks in public places. He noted that if people do not comply they will be prosecuted.

“We know many of you don’t want to be prosecuted, but we are saying to you if you continue to fail you will be. We have no new cases, but we still have to be careful. Be mindful until the health officials would have given an all-clear and that has not been given. So please continue to practice social distancing and physical distancing,” he said.

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