Nevis Disaster Management Committee Convenes For Atlantic Hurricane Season Preparedness Under Minister Spencer Brand’s Leadership

Nevis Disaster Management Committee meeting on April 09, 2024.
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Charlestown, Nevis – The following is a communiqué from the Nevis Disaster Management Department:

Nevis Disaster Management Committee meeting on April 09, 2024.

In an exemplary display of proactive governance, the Honourable Spencer Brand, Minister with responsibilities for Communications and Chairman of the Nevis Disaster Management Committee (NDMC), presided over the critical first meeting for the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season preparedness at the Llewellyn Newton Disaster Management Facility Emergency Operations Centre


The meeting, held on April 09, 2024, brought together sub-committees, agencies, NGO’s, and volunteer groups. Each entity presented a detailed written and oral report of its current status, activities, and strategic plans designed to robustly tackle the predicted above-average hurricane season, driven by the La Niña phenomenon.

During his address, Minister Brand emphasized the gravity of the predictions for 2024, expressing a genuine concern that led to an impassioned call for comprehensive strategic planning and preparedness.

“We are facing a potentially harrowing hurricane season,” said

Minister Brand.

“With early predictions of approximately 23 named storms, the time for decisive action and fortification of our disaster management protocols is now.”

Echoing the Minister’s sentiments, Clarisia Langley-Stephens, Chair of NEMA Board, and Brian Dyer, Director of the Nevis Disaster Management Department, both underscored the importance of cohesive and strategic action. Langley-Stephens praised the historical steps taken towards enhancing statutory disaster management provisions, while Dyer elaborated on the Department’s comprehensive approach to resource management and community engagement in preparedness efforts.

The presentations by all subcommittees, agencies, NGOs, and volunteer groups of the Nevis Disaster Management Committee demonstrates a proactive strategy, and underscores the thorough preparation to face the expected active hurricane season and other potential hazards.

For further information regarding the NDMC’s initiatives and the comprehensive preparedness strategies, please contact the Nevis Disaster Management Department.

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