Residence in Nevis may soon see a Government ban on the importation and the use of plastic and Styrofoam in an effort to protect the environment.

During Tuesday’s Throne Speech at the opening of the Nevis Island Assembly, it was revealed that during the Concerned Citizens Movement five year term in office it will seek to implement a ban on plastics and foam goods.

“This is a regional and global trend that is emerging and we have seen similar approaches in nearby Antigua and Barbuda. This effort will be done in consultation with stakeholders but is intended to ease the considerable environmental damage that plastic and Styrofoam causes to our island particularly our oceans,” Premier Mark Brantley said.

He explained that in addition to the push in renewable energy, the CCM-led NIA will ensure that planning laws and regulations are adhered to and that buildings conform to the requirements of the island’s building code.

“Where necessary, amendments to legislation will occur to ensure that Nevis stays abreast of best planning practices regionally and internationally.”

In continuing Brantley notes it is the Government’s intention to embark on an island-wide effort to clear our lands of derelict and abandoned vehicles and white goods.

“These will be processed and exported as scrap metal and also attend to other waste similarly like cardboard and some household waste. Green waste can be processed to provide mulch and we are committed to instituting a recycling programme island-wide,” he said.

He explained this will be done through partnership with a private investor. “My government intends to robustly enforce anti-littering and anti-dumping laws and to continually seek through the Nevis Solid Waste Management Authority to educate our public on the need to keep our environment clean and to dispose of waste only as prescribed by law.

“My government recognizes that the flora, fauna, beaches, coastlines, reefs, valleys and mountains of Nevis are critical to the well being of our people and our image regionally and internationally. A pristine environment is also a necessary element of a healthier Nevis. Our island is marketed under the tagline “Nevis Naturally.

“The natural aspects to our island are and must continue to be of utmost importance to us all. We intend to clean up Nevis and we ask for the public’s partnership as we ensure that Nevis remains pristine and lives up to its tagline “Nevis Naturally,” Brantley said.