Premier the Hon Mark Brantley presenting an award to Mrs Jackie Hunkins-Taylor. Looking on is Junior Minister of Health and Gender Affairs the Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams.

CHARLESTOWN — Twelve women on Nevis were on Friday were awarded by the Nevis Department of Gender in the Ministry of Health and Gender Affairs in celebration of International Women’s Day.

At a colourful ceremony held on the lawn of Government House in Charlestown under the patronage of Deputy Governor for Nevis Her Honour Mrs Hyleta Liburd, ten women were honoured for excelling in traditional occupations for women, while two were honoured for excelling in non-traditional occupations for women (NOW).

“I am truly excited to what the future has in store for women in Nevis today and for the generations to come,” said Junior Minister of Health and Gender Affairs, the Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams.

The awardees were Ms Kenesia Browne, Ms Mauricia Claxton, Ms Rifka Harding, Ms Camille Kelly, Ms Cindy Liburd, Ms Nicole Liburd, Ms Cavel Mills, Ms Yejide Parry, Ms Heidi-Lynn Sutton, and Mrs Jackie Hunkins-Taylor. Awarded for non-traditional occupations for women were Ms Anelda Maynard, and Ms Tamara Napoleon.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Senator the Hon Akilah Byron-Nisbett, stated that the first International Women’s Day was observed in 1911 where millions of persons in Europe mobilised for women suffrage, the right to vote and for labour right. Today, she added, people live in a world where the voice of the woman, though still a bit muffled, is being heard.

“Today we live in a world where women are free to vote, free to work outside of the home, free to participate in active politics, free to choose the timing of motherhood,” said the Hon Byron-Nisbett.

According to Byron-Nisbett, women today are living in a world where their cause can be made easier through innovative means, observing that innovation is dominant shaping and changing the way people live in every part of the world.

“It means that as women it is important that we identify what our very specific cause is that we wish to push at any given time, and think of innovative ways of achieving it,” said the Hon Byron-Nisbett

International Women’s Day 2019 was observed under the theme ‘Think equal, Build smart, Innovate for change: Empowering Women – Stimulating Change’. Present at the awards ceremony included Premier of Nevis and Senior Minister of Health and Gender Affairs, the Hon Mark Brantley; Minister of Culture et al, the Hon Eric Evelyn; Minister of Labour, Public Works et al, the Hon Spencer Brand and Mrs Brand; and Ms Neila Jones, the reigning Miss Culture.