Nevis Investment Promotion Agency’s website attracting new investment prospects

Ms. Kimone Moving, Director of the Nevis Investment Promotion Agency.
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CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — The Nevis Investment Promotion Agency (NIPA) launched its new website on February 1 and according to Ms. Kimone Moving, NIPA Director, it has seen impressive traffic.

“We have received very good feedback as it relates to our new Nevis Investment Promotion Agency website,, said Ms. Moving. “We have received considerable traction from clients and users all over the world.

“We have received information about its appeal, the information that can be found there, and exciting new videos,” she said. “This is one spot where you can have access to information about investing on Nevis.

“From the February 1 to 17 we have seen about 1,400 new visitors to the site,” said Ms. Moving. “I think that is remarkable. We continue to see how the site performs as we move forward.”

The NIPA website is a full service portal, offering potential investors a multitude of services as well as identifies investment opportunities in seven key areas within the local economy.

“To date we have received some traction as it relates to registering for our platform from our service providers,” said Ms. Moving. “We want to have the right mix of service investors available.

“The overall objective for this new website is to make Nevis more visible, to promote the investment opportunities that are available on the island,” said Ms. Moving. “We know that foreign direct investment is critical for a nation’s development.

“We look forward to having that increase of foreign direct investment, but also local investment and having partnerships so that we can see sustainable growth and sustainable development on the island of Nevis.”

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