Nevis Launches Virtual Mango Festival 2020

Patrons at the Nevis Tourism Authority’s 2017 Nevis Mango and Food Festival at Oualie (file photo)...event will be onllne this year due to the pandemic.
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Charlestown, Nevis...This year’s annual Mango Festival 2020 is being held virtually in lieu of the traditional physical event on the island.  This is due to the travel restrictions and health protocols currently in place, based on the prevailing COVID-19 situation.

The eagerly anticipated Mango Festival showcases two of Nevis’ key selling points: its exceptional culinary tradition and its over 40 varieties of local mangoes.  The highlight of the festival is a creative culinary challenge where chefs must incorporate mangoes into three innovative courses.

The launch date of the Festival was Monday, June 22nd via the following social media platforms: Instagram (@nevisnaturally), Facebook (@nevisnaturally), YouTube (nevisnaturally) and Twitter (@Nevisnaturally).

The online festivities begin on Friday, July 3rd with a Virtual Mango Tasting presentation on all social media platforms and on Nevis TV.  The video presentation will be done by the Ministry of Agriculture, featuring the different types of mangoes on the island.

On Saturday, July 4th at 10:00 AM, there will be a Live Mango Festival Cook-Off at Cleveland Gardens. This will be streamed on Nevis TV and the NTA social media platforms.  The participating Chefs are Berecia Stapleton and Wentworth Smithen. They will compete in two rounds, a prepared round and a mystery basket round, incorporating different varieties of mangoes for each course.

The grand finale on Sunday, July 5th will feature international celebrity UK Iron Chef Judy Joo. The Korean-American French-trained chef and frequent Food Network host and guest will host a Virtual Master Class displaying her incredible culinary skills.  She will create a luscious Mango Tiramisu – the ideal though admittedly non-traditional tropical dessert treat for the July Fourth weekend!

Tune in for this Mango Extravaganza showcase from Nevis – follow us on Instagram (@nevisnaturally), Facebook (@nevisnaturally), YouTube (nevisnaturally) and Twitter (@Nevisnaturally).


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