The Nevis National Citizens and Friends Society has once again assisted 25 families in having a happier Christmas on the island of Nevis by handing out a number of food hampers this week.

The society, that began three years ago has contributed food hampers, assisted Nevisian college students financially, helped the ill with their medical expenses, donated to the Flamboyant Nursing home and the Gingerland Nursing home ,assisted the Prison Farm on Nevis among other things.
The society raises funds annually by membership fees, yard sales, walk-a-thon and other fund raising activity.

According to the President of the society RolstonDeson the 25 hampers were distributed to five elderly or most needy family’s in all five parishes.

Four persons accepted the hampers Wednesday…Those were a brother and sister whose mother, Lydia Jacobs, was gunned down in front her door earlier this year, a cancer survivor and a resident of Jessup.
The hampers were filled with various food items and toiletries.

Cancer survivor Florine Cider thanked the society for their contribution. “I want to thank the society and all who was really involved in it. I just want to say thanks, deeply from my heart . May god protect them, guide them and provide for them bless their going out and coming in,” she said.

Also speaking at the brief presentation ceremony was Daisy Pemberton the grandmother of Jacobs children who also gave a tear-filled thanks. “Thanks everyone. These children only have me and their father, someone killed their mother. They have no more mommy. I thank the society for this gift,” she said.

President Deson told the Observer that they have given help to various causes. “We support the youth because one of the things that is tearing our community apart is the violence. The society supports the national youth movement annually. The society also gives assistance to those who are ill. If their medical bill reaches a certain amount the society gives assistance.”

He said that he would like to see more people “putting other firsts rather than self.”
“We have asked some people to come into our society and they ask what’s in it for me .It is not a question to what is in it for them it is a question of reaching out and helping those that we are able to help . That what we are for. That is what God brought us on this earth for. I really would like to see Nevisians have more of an outreach attitude,” he said. In concluding Deson said, “we are an openhearted society. Everyone is welcomed.”