Nevis Premier encourages youth, take advantage of NIA opportunities

    Hon Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis encourages youth to use NIA opportunities.
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    CHARLESTOWN, Nevis –- Nevis youth are being encouraged to take advantage of job opportunities instead of turning to crime, according to Hon. Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis.

    “It makes no sense as a government for us to be focussed on jobs and job creation and creating opportunities, scholarships, TVET, training, doing all that and our young people see all that and turn their backs on it and prefer to go and pick up a gun to commit crime,” said Premier Brantley.

    “Our own people who are here continue to sit down on the block and to ignore the opportunities in their own country…All I can do is to continue to encourage and continue to say to our people there are opportunities. Please seize them.”

    Brantley said many Caribbean Community (CARICOM) youth have made St. Kitts and Nevis home and are taking advantage of the enabling environment and opportunities in the Federation.

    Brantley noted that February was a tragic month for crime and criminality in the Federation and he used the opportunity to speak of the consequences of crime.

    “It is bad for the country when it happens. I have spoken out and spoken out and will continue to speak out about crime and criminality and encourage our young people to forge a different path,” concluded Brantley.

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