Nevis Tourism Has Experienced Growth In Past Year

Hon. Mark Brantley is the Premier of Nevis.
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By Rick Amburgey
Hon. Mark Brantley, premier of Nevis, explained that the tourism sector experienced modest growth during his budget address.  There were increases in booking of hotels, restaurants and other areas.  “In the area of cruise tourism, we continue to receive interest from cruise lines such as Wind Surf, Sea Dream 1 & 2, Star Flyers, Sea Cloud 2 and others,” he said.
Hon. Mark Brantley is the Premier of Nevis.
Brantley said their focus is to invest in the tourism industry.  “Our budget theme underscores our commitment to laying a sturdy foundation for the future, one that ensures the enduring success of our economy, while preserving the beauty and culture of our land.”
He said their thrust toward sustainable is predicated on people, planet, profit and partnerships.  He added that the “people” focuses on local communities, tourists and the workforce in the the tourism industry.  “It underscores the importance of ensuring that tourism benefits local residents and enhances their quality of life.  Sustainable tourism involves respecting and preserving the cultural heritage, traditions, and ways of life of the people of Nevis,” Brantley said.
The focus on “planet” makes a commitment to the environment, recognizing that tourism can have adverse effects without the proper management.  “Sustainable tourism therefore aims to minimize its ecological footprint by implementing measures like conserving energy and water, reducing waste, and supporting eco-friendly transportation options,” Brantley said.
The “profit” part of it involves making investments in tourism infrastructure, marketing and services that benefit tourists as well as the local entrepreneurs and businesses. “It recognizes the economic value of natural and cultural assets and seeks to leverage them responsibly for long-term financial gain,” Brantley said.
Brantley said “partnerships” are important because no entity or stakeholder is able to achieve sustainability alone.  “Effective partnerships involve cooperation between governments, local communities, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs),” he said. “It also extends to international collaboration, where nations and organizations work together to support sustainable tourism practices.”
Brantley said the 4 P’s framework is a holistic approach to sustainable tourism development.  “This approach is critical to ensure that tourism not only drives economic growth but also contributes to the long-term well-being and resilience of Nevis. Considering this framework, we have made some strides in 2023 and will continue this focus in 2024,” he said.
Brantley continued, “We successfully hosted the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s 10th Biennial Human Resources Conference, which was held at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis from 30th October – 1st November 2023. It provided valuable exposure for the destination and ensured that our local tourism practitioners benefitted from the wealth of information that was shared during this event.  Over 160 persons attended, including delegates from several Caribbean countries from Trinidad to the Cayman Islands and was facilitated by speakers from the USA and Canada.  I wish to use this medium to thank all of our sponsors and partners for their sterling contribution in ensuring that our visitors had a truly memorable Nevisian experience.”
During the address, Brantley highlighted some of their most popular tourist destinations and how recent improvements are helping to bring tourists to Nevis.  “The Malcolm Guishard Recreational Park continues to attract thousands of visitors in its second year of operation warranting further investment in areas such additional seating, playground amenities for our children, exercise amenities and additional landscaping.” he said.
He also said the Pinney’s Beach Enhancement Project is about 50 percent complete. We are confident that it will enhance the entire Pinney’s Beach area. “The work being done will make the area more attractive for business and recreation through improved drainage, upgraded road network, a centralized sewage system, improved lighting, proper parking, improved security and landscaping. The project is expected to be completed by mid-2024.”
The Bath Stream, which Brantley said is one of the most visited destination, is getting a physical upgrade.   “Bathroom facilities, changing rooms, seating facilities, parking spaces and an improved access road along with fencing and landscaping will be installed and completed during the upcoming fiscal year. The Gazebo pool will also be re-surfaced,” he said.
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