Nevis votes Today! Live Updates

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Five years ago Nevisians elected the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) for a second straight term while handing Mark Brantley his first term as Premier of the island.

Today, the rivalry between the CCM and the Nevis Reformation Party will be renewed as both parties will be looking to end this campaign season with control of the reins of the NIA for the next 5 years.

The new look NRP led by Dr. Janice Daniel Hodge daughter of Nevis’ first Premier and National Hero Sir Simeon Daniel will be looking to make history as the first female Premier with the highest percentage of female candidates in the history of NIA elections.

Keep regularly refreshing this article for updates on the polls from stations all across the island.


7:00- The polls are now open and Nevisians are out in their numbers voting for a new NIA. The polls will be open until 6:00 pm when they would slam shut.

8:56- Long lines are witnessed at the Charlestown Primary School where voters are out early in the sunny weather to let their voices be heard. One disgruntled voter was heard complaining at the slow movement of the line claiming it was becoming “overbearing.”


9:10- Charlestown Magistrates Court no line of voters observed in that polling division.

9:20- Premier of Nevis in a social media post said there were some issues with the voter’s list and called for voters’ patience.

“There have been some early issues with Voters Lists and where people are supposed to vote. I am begging voters to be patient. The CCM needs your vote. Nevis needs you.”

Also, he voted earlier at the Church of God Cox.

The observer who visited the site earlier saw no line to vote but met with a voter donned in all blue.

9:40- Short line at the Hanley’s Road Community Center. One voter tells the Observer the line has been moving slowly.


9:50-At the Gingerland Secondary school, no lines were observed as well but party workers indicate that most had already voted earlier in the day


10:00- NO lines at the Butler Community Center workers again suggest that the people were out early to vote at this polling division.


10:09- At the Bricklin Church of God a fair line is Observed with voters seeking refuge from the sun.


10:23-At the VOJN Primary School tells a similar story where they saw lines earlier but slowed down later in the morning.

Outside workers for a political party said they were not satisfied with the turnout but are hoping for a late charge later this afternoon.


10:39- In District 5 at the Cotton Ground Community Center a short line was witnessed.

Some party operatives tell the Observer that early on the polling division was busy. They noted they were satisfied with the turnout earlier in the day and expect it to pick up again later in the day when voters leave work.


1:26 pm- Still no line at the Charlestown Magistrates Court and a very short line is seen at the nearby High Court.

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