Nevisian Banker Murdered Outside His Home LK Hewlett Story Updated: April 20th 2015 at 2:00 pm Everett Hanley
Residents want external help to investigate murders The senseless murder of a bank manager Friday night (Apr 17) has again incensed Nevisians to call on the NIA to seek outside assistance for the investigation. Everett Hanley, Credit Manager at Bank of Nevis, was gunned down just as he arrived at his Hamilton Estate home around 9:50pm. Speculation is rife that the 57-year-old Hanley was killed during a robbery attempt. Hanley’s wife was inside the residence at the time of the shooting but was not aware of her husband’s plight just outside until she was alerted by a neighbor. Police reported that, “Hanley… was attacked by unknown armed an assailant or assailants in front his residence.” A neighbor reported that he heard 5 gunshots; how many connected with Hanley’s body is unknown at this time. The murder was the third incident that occurred on that stretch of road the same day. Llewelyn Parris, Advisor to former Premier Joseph Parris was reportedly robbed at gunpoint and relieved of cash and jewelry. CableTv employees were held up at a service station and made to empty their pockets. The robbers got away with few dollars and the workers’ personal effects, The Observer understands. The Observer spoke with Superintendent Hilroy Brandy this morning (Apr 20) who said unfortunately, no suspects have been apprehended in Hanley’s murder. The banker’s murder is the fourth in as many months on the island and a number of shootings, robberies and home invasions have been reported. Angry residents are demanding the Nevis Island Administration take swift action to arrest the seemingly increasing level of violent crimes. “They were full speed to get outside help with the Treasury Fire and when they weren’t getting it from the Federal government they sought it independently. How many more have to die or lose their possessions for them to get help with the crime situation?” one Nevisian posted on a social media site. Another noted that “no one died as a result of the Electoral Office breaches but they were quick to recruit external investigators for that”. Premier Vance Amory, Minister responsible for National Security in the NIA, recently gave an indication that seeking external crime fighting assistance for Nevis had been discussed with Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, who holds the federal National Security portfolio. Police are seeking the public’s assistance in Hanley’s murder and other matters. Persons with information relating to criminal activity are asked to call their nearest police station or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-8744.