Mrs. Jeanette Meloney, Director of the Department of Community Development requests donations for Boxing Day.

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — Mrs. Jeanette Meloney, Director of the Department of Community Development in the Nevis Island Administration, called on churches, schools, business organisations and individuals to assist the department with its “Boxing Day” food drive initiative.

The aim of the drive is to make Christmas brighter for persons in the Nevisian community, especially at a time when COVID-19 has impacted so many on the island.

“We’re encouraging you to be a part of this giving back to your own community,” said Mrs. Meloney. “We know that there are persons in our community who have been impacted by COVID-19. Some persons have lost their jobs. They have financial commitments and we are here to give back and to help them.

“I know when things happen overseas, for example, some country overseas being impacted by a hurricane,” she said. “Nevisians come together and we give back; that is good but we want you all to now give back to yourself by helping your brothers and sisters who live on this island, to make their Christmas bright and cheery to know that we care.”

Mrs. Meloney assured that all donations received would be presented to the beneficiaries ahead of Christmas Day, December 25.

“We are not asking for anything much. You can drop off whatever you have by the department; a Vienna sausage, a bar of soap, dish liquid, a tin of butter, a bottle of cooking oil, a pack of rice, a pack of flour, a pack of beans, a Cream of Wheat, a tin of milk, a corned beef,” said Mrs. Meloney. The list goes on and on – some raisins to help bake a cake, a bottle of wine. Whatever you have, whatever is in your heart to give, kindly be a part of this venture and a week before Christmas we are going to box up food stuff of whatever essential item that you would have contributed.

“We’re going to give them to persons in the community,” said Mrs. Meloney. “We are kindly asking for your support in this venture. I am looking forward to brighter days ahead when we will be going out with those boxes. That is why we say we will be having a ‘Boxing Day’ in Nevis before the real Boxing Day.

“When Boxing Day really comes on December 26, God willing, you will have a good day relaxing after eating all that Christmas food, because you know that you gave back to someone in your community,” said Mrs. Meloney. “Let us be all good Nevisians and lend a helping hand where it is needed right now. Thank you very much.”

The department’s office is located on Main Street in Charlestown.