(Left to Right): Mr. Gilroy Pultie, General Manager of NEVLEC; Mr. Stedmond Tross, Chairman of NEVLEC Board of Directors and Mr. Elford Felix, NEVLEC Generation Consultant.

Stedmond Tross, Chairman of Nevis Electricity Company Limited (NEVLEC) Board of Directors, introduced the new General Manager of NEVLEC, as well as the Generation Consultant, in an announcement Tuesday.

The decision for the additions followed an audit of operations performed by Dr. Frederick Isaac, a former manager of NEVLEC, commissioned by the board of directors late last year.

“The result of the audit was very alarming to put it mildly. It called for urgent attention and the board immediately took action to ensure that the island continued to have electricity and not to be plunged into darkness,” the board said in its statement. “The power station needed immediate attention, as the engines were performing way below the optimum, due mainly to the fact that the level of maintenance was very inadequate.

“We immediately reached out to Mr. Elford Felix who has over 40 years of experience in managing power plants. He kindly consented to come out of retirement to assist us and I want to thank him greatly. I believe that all Nevis has already begun to experience the turnaround in the performance of our engines at the plant.”

The general manager will give guidance and oversee the day-to-day management of the company.

“After much careful consideration and advice we finally decided on Mr. Gilroy Pultie. He comes to us fully qualified and very highly recommended and is eager to start the work of making Nevis the very best utility company in the world,” the announcement stated.

Pultie was selected among applications from locations including the U.S., the Philippines, Argentina, Canada and the Caribbean. Pultie possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in electrical and computer engineering. He also has an MBA with a specialization in finance and he is a chartered accountant. He was most recently a senior manager at St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC).

“The task before him is great but we know that he is up to it and he will bring his vast knowledge and experience to NEVLEC,” the statement said. “We therefore wish him well and welcome him to the Queen of the Caribbean, Nevis.”