The newly appointed chairman of the Nevis Electricity Department Board has quit shortly after being appointed and saying too much political interference led to his resignation.

The Premier of Nevis Hon Mark Brantley announced in February during his first press conference as premier changes at NEVLEC. Brantley said that Mr. Frank Evelyn has been charged to chair NEVLEC and the other members of the Board shall be published in due course.

“I wish to publicly thank the Hon. Farrell Smithen for his excellent service as chairman over the past few years. It will now be for Mr. Evelyn and his new board to work closely with management to implement the necessary policies to take NEVLEC forward and upwards,” he said.

The Observer confirmed on Thursday with the former Chairman Frank Evelyn that he sent in his resignation on Wednesday (April 4). Evelyn did not go into depth into the details of his resignation but noted that when he agreed to take the post that he wanted “no political interference” and was assured that there will not be but he claims there was.

He noted that he was not able to hire or terminate anyone without political inference. He said that he had been approached before by both the former Premier Hon Vance Amory and also the Hon Mark Brantley to take the post of chairman of NEVLEC but noted that he did not want to be anyone’s puppet. But he later agreed.

The Observer contacted the Minister in charge of Public Utilities and Energy, Premier Mark Brantley on Thursday but was told he will be unavailable for the rest of the day.

The Observer understands that NEVLEC’s Chairman is appointed for a stint of three years. The former Chairman of NEVLEC was Farrell Smithen who sat on the Board for three years.