New detention facility currently under construction in St. Lucia

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The decision to demolish Custody Suites on Bridge Street in Castries only made it harder for hardworking police officers to do their jobs, keep the public safe and protect the capital.
Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre is making things right again. He has taken immediate action to enhance security levels in the capital and improve occupational conditions for police officers.

A new Custody Suites facility is currently under construction. Upon completion, the new Custody Suites facility will alleviate pressure on police stations outside of the capital, improve operational logistics and enhance security measures in the city.

Commissioner of Police Crucita Descartes-Pelius, on behalf of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, expressed her gratitude to the Prime Minister for initiating the reconstruction of Custody Suites.
She said: “Before the demolition of the previous detention facility it was easier for apprehended persons to be held in order to assist CID with investigations. The department now faces a challenge trying to find a cell to keep these offenders. Now, when someone is arrested, there is no place in the city and we have to go through the length and breadth of the country to detain offenders.
“The reconstruction is a plus because it allows police officers to work more effectively. I am looking forward the to the completion of the facility.”
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