New Efforts To Stop Kenyan Forces Coming To Haiti As Kenyan President Arrives In America.

Photo: Wikemedia Commons. Curious Haitian children wonder what is going on.
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As Port-au-Prince prepares to welcome the first contingent of the Multinational Security Support Mission led by Kenya any day now one political opponent of the initiative, Ekuru Aukot one of the leaders of the “Thirdway Alliance” Party, a small opposition party is again trying to take legal action to prevent the deployment of Kenya forces to Haiti.

Ekuru Aukot said in his appeal that President Ruto and the police had blatantly disobeyed the order of High Court Judge Enock Chacha Mwita banning the deployment of police officers in Haiti by signing the reciprocity instrument with Haiti.

He says that he believes the government would be in contempt of court if it continued with the deployment.

The Presidency did not react publicly to this approach.

One factor that reduces the credibility of this challegne is that Dr. Ekuru Aukot, Leader of the Thirdway Alliance party in Kenya,  is the latest presidential candidate to have been rejected by the electoral commission for not having respected its strict rules for presidential nomination by failing to provide copies of the identity cards of his supporters.

In addition, Aukot has also not reached the minimum number of signatures required from supporters to register as a presidential candidate. Ekuru ran for president in 2017 and obtained 27,311 votes, or 0.18% of the votes cast…

President Ruto of Kenya is visiting the United States this week and will be paying a call on President Biden on Thursday. Although discussion of Haiti is not on the official agenda, it will almost certainly be discussed with the US leadership and Kenya troops are expected to arrive in Haiti within a few days.

American contractors have been seen in Haiti in recent week constructing what appears to be a barracks for incoming law enforcement officers, even as Haitian gang leaders threaten to fight any attempt to disarm their heavily-armed gangs.

Sources: News agencies, Haiti Libre, Kenya Star.
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