New Karaoke Winners Crowned

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By Trisha La Place

The Observer

It is seems as if Kittitians cannot get enough of karaoke . Especially since two nationals travelled to Grenada last Saturday and competed well at a Caribbean karaoke competition.

Maurice Flaunders, better known as E.K., placed third in the men’s category. Second place went to a resident from Grenada and first place went to Antigua.

In the women’s category Shinnelle Wilkins represented the Federation. However, unfortunately for Wilkins she didn’t get to participate in the second round due to an incident that occurred during the competition causing her to withdraw from the competition.

E.K. and Wilkins are winner s of the Federation’s ODB Smirnoff Ice organized Karaoke Competition that was held at BET Soundstage on Nov. 6.

Hundreds attended the competition that night at BET, and many left commenting on the high level of talents that the contestants displayed.

E.K. for his first song was a bit rocky and much of the audience was disappointed with his effort. However, he bounced back in the second round, full of energy, and truly proved that he was indeed the king of all things karaoke in the Federation.

First runner-up was Jerome Cameron, known lovingly by all the ladies present, as simply C.J.

C.J. gave a splendid performance of “Incomplete .” Every woman in the audience felt a special connection with him at the end of his performance.

One excited lady was overheard saying, “Boy, I just love to hear that boy’s voice. E.K . was good yes, but I just felt that CJ should have won just because of his voice. When he opens his mouth no matter what you are doing at the time you just got to turn around and listen and that’s mad talent.”

The Karaoke Queen Wilkins, serenaded one the judges, Jason Davis, with ‘Raindrops will fall.’

Wilkins performance was perfect. However, persons in the audience felt that Mariece Roberts, who came first runners-up, should have been judged the winner.

She too was also consistent, and was said to have had the best voice throughout the competition.

Other disappointments with the judges were voiced when Davey Wigley a.k.a Biggers didn’t make the cut for the finals.

His voice was said to be the most electrifying of all who entered the competition.

Biggers impersonation of Stevie Wonder had the audience begging for more. Biggers played the role of Stevie Wonder perfectly, especially in how he wore the shades. He also sang with feeling. And that’s what karaoke is all about not just singing but feeling what you’re singing and having fun while doing it.

And, who can forget Rally — the singer, dancer and actor. Everyone awaited his performance as the brave young man showed his talent throughout the night that left the audience at the edge of their seats.

Rally gave the competition spunk as he dressed in costumes and outlandish accessories.

The winners were awarded $1,000 each and many other gifts and prizes.

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