New night spot opened “The Spot 2″

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It is a lounge basically. What I am trying to create here is a place where people could actually relax more than anything else. Taking some wine from a long day work especially when you need to relax” Sylvester Meade said as he described the concept behind the newly launched relaxation center tagged “The Spot 2”. The grand opening ceremony was held at the Rawlins Photo Studio Building on the Island Main Road in Stoney Grove where the hang out spot is located.

Meade mentioned that one of the purpose of the establishment of the club is to serve as an avenue to meeting all different types of personalities both local and foreign.

“This spot has been created as the name dictates as a spot where u can feel comfortable and relax. No mater who you are. You will meet your own peer, workmate or other work people. If u work in Nevis for so long and there a lot of people you see everyday but don’t know, this is the only place where you probably can socialize and get to know them at another level apart from work and profession because profession is totally different to socializing in a specific way.

So it is basically just accommodating the working class or whomever making them feel comfortable for the evening in a community which is becoming a little higher in crime rate which was never so before”

Meade said that even though the newly launched hang out spot could accommodate range of personalities, he would still not regard it as a club.

“If on a Friday, Thursday or Wednesday, u just decide u want to dance a little bit, we can accommodate you. But the emphasis is not on that. I don’t want anybody to get the impression that this is a club. It is not. I have a restaurant as well which would be opened in June. So you could make reservations for dinner, come in for lunch or just come out and hang out with other intellects or anyone” he said.

He also expressed his aspiration to seeing the people of Nevis look up to the new hang out spot as an everyday thing as he said the club will run everyday throughout the whole length of the week with themed nights such as Latin night, Reggae night and Calypso night which will be implemented as soon as next week.

“The theme nights which will be in effect as from next week. The club will be opened every night. On Wednesday there will be Latin night. So when our restaurant opens we will do a Latin night where we serve Latin cuisine and do tequila shots etc. However, this will not just for the Spanish people, it is for anyone. There will be Caribbean night, Reggae night, Calypso night. We will have continuous running themes from Sunday to Sunday”he said.

For the set of people that might not prefer to dance at the club, Meade stated that provision of a special package lounge has been made available where such people could relax.

“The VIP Lounge is located upstairs. I try to create moods, no matter what type of mood you are looking for. With the type of music here and there, I try to create a balance for what you are looking for. The VIP lounge is for relaxation for persons that don’t want to dance all night. It starts at 350 EC and comes along with basically two bottles of wine with reservation ahead of time.” he said

Even though the club is free and open to all, Meade disclosed that any entry after 10 p.m. will attract a cover charge fee.

“When it is club time, people will be charged 30 EC dollars. The cover charge is to level the playing field incase you are just coming in without taking a drink. So paying that, u have same rights with same persons that have been on for long. Though there are some clubs that charge a percentage mark up on the drinks so u don’t pay cover charges at the gate” he said. However, he said even though cover charges might be applicable, there will be times when the charges will range between the prices of 20-30 EC dollars.

Meade mentioned that the club was also created to attract and promote the showcasing of arts, talents or goods and services.

“If you bring your CD or feel like you want to do a little thing, I want you to feel like you have come to the right place. I will advertise it and give you 10-15 min but unfortunately I don’t have space for bands so your CD will be used while you perform and you can as well sell them” he said.

On the contrary, in response to the complaint that some regarded as a  “No Jeans” policy, Meade explained that the dress code was ‘simply fashionable’.? “I am trying to say u could come here, relax and be yourself. Dress properly and abide by the rules. I think a mans’ pride is the biggest thing that will take him a long way and the two things you have in life is your pride and your word. There is no problem in looking good. Take a nice bath, groom yourself, put on a nice pair of shoes and pants if at all you will be doing this once or twice in a week” he said.

In conclusion, Meade said that The Spot 2 will try to promote local Caribbean culture both in terms of its interior decoration and everyday operations.?

“I wanted the local culture to come back so I tried to incorporate the vibrant colors because Caribbean people are very hot blooded people. We like a little bit of hotness so the colors basically represent us. Each area is just a bunch of colors all over the place. It basically represents our culture whether you want to be cool and laid back or hot and flavorful. Some people may want to dance all night. Some may want to chill and others may just want to pose and chill. From around mid-June we should have the restaurant up and running. The menu will be very simple as everyone is very diet conscious nowadays” he said.

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