News Briefs 09/03/2022

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Russia may be using unguided ‘dumb’ bombs in Ukraine war -U.S. official

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The United States has seen indications that Russia’s military in its assault on Ukraine is using so-called dumb bombs that are unguided and greatly increase the risk of missing targets, a senior U.S. defense official said on Wednesday.

Cubans protest at Havana embassy as Panama tightens visa requirements

Upwards of 400 Cubans, many holding passports and plane tickets, gathered at Panama´s embassy in Havana on Wednesday protesting new visa requirements that hinder those in a growing wave of migrants hoping to pass through the Central American nation and north to the United States.

Russia acknowledges conscripts were part of Ukraine operation, some are POWs

(Reuters) -Russia’s defence ministry acknowledged on Wednesday that some conscripts were taking part in the conflict with Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin denied this on various occasions, saying only professional soldiers and officers had been sent in.

S.Korea conservative presidential candidate Yoon projected to win election -KBS

South Korea’s conservative opposition presidential candidate Yoon Suk-yeol is projected to win the election, state-funded local television network KBS reported on Thursday.

French court convicts associates of jihadists who killed Catholic priest

Three acquaintances of the teenage assailants who murdered an 85-year-old Catholic priest as he celebrated mass in his church in 2016 were respectively sentenced to 8, 10 and 13 years in prison for “criminal terrorist association”, French media reported on Wednesday.

Thousands more Ukrainians flee across borders, many with nowhere to go

PRZEMYSL, Poland/ISACCEA, Romania (Reuters) -Thousands more Ukrainian refugees fled to central and eastern Europe on Wednesday, many with no contacts and nowhere to go, as host countries scrambled to accommodate them.


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