Minister of Human Settlement the Hon. Eugene Hamilton

By Loshaun Dixon

Basseterre, St. Kitts-Financial statements of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) will be tabled in Parliament as Minister of Human Settlement the Hon. Eugene Hamilton promises there will be no more mischief surrounding the organization

Mr. Hamilton made his remarks at the launch of the government’s Housing Program Friday where he revealed that Lisford Isaac had been brought in to correct the NHC accounts.

“We brought Mr. Isaac into the organization, which was approved by the Prime Minister and the Cabinet as I asked him to give us someone who could bring our accounts up to date,” Hamilton said.

He added that going forward procurement will be an important feature starting during the current housing exercise.

“The reputation of NHC will be improved because procurement is an area where we will pay greater attention to, so that any scandal that I hear, whoever is responsible for causing that scandal will be out the door,” he said.

Hamilton vowed that the investment by NHC and the government will be properly handled and free from problems.

“There will be no scandals in the building of these houses because we’ve had too many of those in the past. Today, I can guarantee you under this ministry, the eyes of myself, the eyes of Minister Shawn Richards, the eyes of Minister Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd, along with someone from the Ministry of Finance will be monitoring everything that is going on with this program,” he stated.

He said in 2017 they will be tabling the accounts of NHC for the first time

“The Board and the management set about on a program that has resulted now in a bank account exceeding $10 million,” he said.

The government minister also noted that government was depended upon two years ago to pay salaries, “today they can handle their salaries without dependence on the government.”

Hamilton also announced the recruitment of project consultant Warren Thompson to advise the board going forward.

“Over the past 10 months his expertise has been used to identify weaknesses within the organization and to make recommendations to the board to improve efficiency in delivering projects undertaken under budget,” he said.

He further expressed confidence in Thompson’s ability to deliver the current housing project under budget

“His work has shown that no significant losses have been incurred on previous projects and as a result the Ministry Of Human Settlement is satisfied that an ordinary two bedroom house which is proposed and quantified by him will be delivered within budget,” he said.