NHLDC exports 2,500 tons of crushed stones to Guyana

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By Monique Washington

The Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation’s, NHLDC quarry at New River has made history by exporting 2,500 tons of crushed stones to Guyana.

The shipment took place on Tuesday (July 17) at the Long Point pier when a barge containing crushed stones left for Guyana.. The quarry is being managed by the NHLDC.

On February 28, 2017, the New River quarry supplied 3,000 tons of aggregate that was exported to St. Maarten via barge.

“It is a historic day for the Nevis Island Administration and the Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation,” Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Alexis Jeffers said. He noted that over the years the island has received resources from Guyana such as rice, sugar, sand, fish products and jewellery.

“We have been receiving our brothers and sisters out of Guyana, who bring resources here as well,” he said. “Today is a reversal of that, we are sending aggregates back to Guyana which will be used for construction there.”

Jeffers said that although NHLDC is now exporting materials to other islands, the quarry continues to meet the demands for construction material locally. The corporation is exploring the possibility of making the Guyana shipment a monthly one with another shipment planned to export to another client soon.

“We would love to make this a monthly transaction,” the minister said. “Every time a boat comes here, instead of going back to Guyana empty we would like to provide them with material to take back to cover their cost of the journey back to Guyana.”

NHLDC took over the quarry from a Jamaican company in 2013 and purchased a Terex Finley I-100 impactor crusher, Anaconda three deck screen, 3-½ yard frontend loader, and a 29-ton excavator. As of late last year the equipment was valued at US$600,000 (EC$1.6 million).

The equipment produces about 200 yards per day of crushed stone, quarry sand, bedding material and rough based material.

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