Minister of Communication and Works on Nevis Hon. Alexis Jeffers at the proposed site of a new water taxi pier at Jones Estate on Oualie Beach

Alexis Jeffers,Minister of Public Infrastructure has told The Observer he expects the government’s new pair project in his St.James constituency to be completed in July of this year. He said the $5 million dollar project funded by a grant from the sugar investment  diversification fund included a $3.5 million land purchase for the project.

Mr. Jeffers said he wants the project to be completed in time for Nevis’ Cultura and ahead of the opening of The Park Hyatt hotel on St.Kitts thus giving Nevisians an opportunity to be able to get to the southeast peninsula in St.Kitts in quick time either to conduct business or work.

 — The Nevis Island Administration (NIA), is moving to provide safer facilities for persons traveling to St. Kitts, via the growing water taxi service on the island. The new pier is to be constructed  at Jones Estate on Oualie Beach on the north-west cost.

Jeffers toured the site  On Tuesday . He billed the peir project as , a 100 feet by 10 feet pier and said that it,when completed ,will be  managed by the Nevis Air and Sea Ports Authority (NASPA).

The minister acknowledged that over the years, commuters have been using a pier adjacent to the planned new pier and cited the new pier as a much safer environment.. The minister said that the project is very important to the  overall development of Nevis.

He listed features of the new port facility including a restaurant operated by a business person on Nevis with the requisite business acumen. It will be operated at a level consistent with the services offered on the island. There will also be a ticket booth and a gazebo-type waiting area similar to what exists at the main port facility in Charlestown.