NIA To Implement Measures To Recoup Arrears Owed To Government Departments/Agencies

The Inland Revenue Department located in the Treasury Building, Charlestown, Nevis.
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Charlestown, Nevis The Nevis Island Administration (NIA) intends to institute revenue recovery measures designed to reduce the accumulation of arrears incurred by various government departments, according to Minister of Finance the Honourable Premier Mark Brantley.

The Inland Revenue Department located in the Treasury Building, Charlestown, Nevis.

“I must sound the alarm that certain sectors within our society, particularly some offering legal and other professional services, seem to wish not to pay any taxes or to otherwise find creative ways to avoid sharing in the responsibility for maintaining our beloved island.

“Our tax officers at the Inland Revenue Department have been mandated to take all measures available at law to pursue and collect taxes owed to the Administration,” he said during the Budget 2024 Address in the Nevis Island Assembly on December 05, 2023.

One of the measures announced was linking the renewal of various licenses issued by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) to the payment of taxes, especially the payment of Property Tax.

“Put simply, as you think about heading to the Inland Revenue Department to renew your Driver’s License or Business License please ensure that you make payment for all your other taxes that are in arrears or make a payment plan with Inland Revenue,” he said.

The government will reinstitute the issuance of the Tax Clearance Certificate issued by the IRD which will be applicable to all business entities wishing to conduct any transaction with the Administration.

The Premier said “In other words, all entities wishing to do business with the Administration whether it is providing goods or services or seeking duty-free concessions, must present a copy of their Tax Clearance Certificate to the relevant government Department. This certificate will show the state of your indebtedness to the Inland Revenue Department, if any.”

For corporate entities, the government will continue to link the annual renewal of the Business License to commercial entities’ good standing at the Company Registry, and to their tax status as it relates to the filing of Unincorporated Business Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), and Corporation Taxes.

“We urge all to be responsible taxpayers and pay your taxes on time as we have discontinued the practice of granting a waiver of interest and penalties for late payment. We have instead offered installment payment options and expect that persons will undertake the necessary discussions and have suitable installment arrangements put in place and honour these arrangements once implemented,” he advised.

On the matter of Property Tax collections, Premier Brantley highlighted that despite the robust construction sector and the large numbers of properties constructed monthly, “we are only seeing marginal increases in our collection of Property Tax”.

“The officers at the Inland Revenue Department will continue their efforts to ensure that all properties on Nevis are on the tax roll. I wish to urge all to kindly ensure that your property is registered with the Inland Revenue Department and that your taxes are paid annually.”

The Premier went on to disclose that the government will recommence its regular disconnection programme at both the Water Department and the Nevis Electricity Company (NEVLEC). He urged all consumers to be responsible and make the regular monthly payments for their utility bills a priority.


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