Image caption: Primera Liga football matches are still being played in Nicaragua

You would be forgiven for thinking the coronavirus has not reached Nicaragua. Photos taken this weekend show people gathering for a festival and professional footballers playing a league game.

Figures from Sunday suggest there have been nine Covid-19 infections and one death in the country. What sets it apart from the rest of the region is the approach the government has taken to the pandemic.

While other leaders imposed strict restrictions on movement and closed borders, Vice-President Rosario Murillo told Nicaraguans to keep calm and carry on working.

The governing party – led by Murillo and her husband, President Daniel Ortega – has also convened mass gatherings. The Pan-American Health Organization expressed concern about “inadequate infection prevention and control”.

President Ortega, 74, was last seen on 12 March taking part in a conference call. His wife insists he is “here, working, directing, co-ordinating all the efforts”, but there are no shortages of rumours about the president’s health