Adolphus Jones who won many races in the adult categories and Tavia Phipps who dominated the female events highlighted the annual Basil Henderson Easter Monday Aquatic Sports Meet held at the Basseterre Ferry Terminal.

The traditional Easter Monday event, deemed a big success by the organizers, once again attracted hundreds of onlookers as young individuals competed in traditional swimming races, boat racing, a greasy pole climb and exhibition boxing.

The event had dozens of swimmers from as young as eight years old participating in the events and walking away with the array of prizes.

Some of the top swimmers for the day were Jones and Tavia Phipps who dominated the female categories.

Organiser for the meet Winston ‘Zack’ Nisbett he thought the days activities were successful. “I think it was very successful, we had a wonderful time today and it only bodes well for future development. The 60th Anniversary was successful I think the people enjoyed themselves, the whole cohesiveness of the entire thing.”

Nisbett estimated that more than $20,000 of gifts were available and all were handed out to the winners and participants in the day’s activities. “The prizes were given out and I know you saw the volume of things we had here and almost everything gone.”

But not all winners were happy. A number of the participants became disgruntled at the prizes they were given for their efforts but Nisbett indicated that there had been quality gifts that were on offer.

“If you give them a whole house they still will not be satisfied. Nowhere else in history you will see a prize giving so transparent.

He continued, “This is better than other organisations where you would have to wait. Here is different where they win the gifts and go home with their gifts. Sometimes when we were only to give one prize we gave them two and three.”

Some of the prizes that were on offer include a brand new cell phone, a weed eater, vacuum cleaners, hair grooming shaving kits, cases of soda, beer, rum and vouchers for pizza.

He added that the day had more than 40 swimmers participating and more in the boxing event. “I am sure those persons who gave felt good in their heart this is a big thing it will get bigger next year.”

He also hailed all who made the meet possible. “I want to thank to thank those who participated in the swim races, the ham pole, the policemen, security, Red Cross and the coast guard they all did a fantastic job today.”

According to Nisbett the Aquatic Sports Meet commemorates the life and times of Henderson who gave his whole being to the 4-H Organization which he started and nurture in St. Kitts and Nevis 60 years ago.