No charges Laid On Men Nabbed In Fatal Drug Bust : Foreign National Killed Identified LK Hewlett Story Updated: October 02nd 2015 at 4:30 pm deceased Obie Baron
The two local men and foreigner held in yesterday’s drug bust at Conaree have yet to be charged with any offense. The men, along with a man believed to be from Antigua, were nabbed in a police raid Thursday morning (Oct 1), allegedly in the process of making a drug drop at a remote beach on the Atlantic coast. According to police, around 5am two men suspected of being non-nationals arrived at the shoreline on a speed boat while the locals were waiting in a pickup on the beach. When engaged by officers, one of the men on the boat fired at the policemen. They returned fire and fatally wounded one of the boat’s occupants. A gun and 4 bales of compressed weed were recovered from the water and the boat respectively. The locals reportedly tried to flee the scene but they and the second occupant of the boat were arrested. The Observer spoke with Assistant Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley today (Oct 2) who confirmed that no criminal charges have been filed against any of the three suspects, however they remain in police custody. The ACP said police have not yet identified the two foreigners, however The Observer has it on good standing that the man in custody from Antigua is Greg Williamson and the deceased is Obie “Small Breeze” Baron, believed to be a national of Dominica. The Observer further understands one of the locals is a Bird Rick resident and son of a national figure, while the second is from Lime Kiln and is the brother of a police officer. Radio talk shows have been bombarded with calls from citizens critical of the way police handled Thursday’s operation. Persons accuse the police of “botching” the bust by moving in before the drug exchange was made. The matter is being politicized due to the Bird Rock resident’s familial relation to a former political figure.