No More Extensions For Claims On Sugar Workers Fund LK Hewlett The extension of the deadline for applications to the Sugar Workers Restoration Funds (SWRF) Secretariat ends today, Friday, July 17 and there will be no more extensions. July 4 was the initial deadline for former sugar workers or their beneficiaries to apply to determine if they qualify to receive any of the $16 million earmarked for their owed back pay. Chairman of the SWRF Committee Osbert Desuza informed Wednesday (July 15) that they had decided to give a second chance to persons who missed the first deadline, however they could extend the time no further as the Committee had to begin the selection process. “We are not in a position to extend the deadline any further because we have to process the applications,” he said. The Secretariat, which opened in May, has collected in excess of 2000 applications, Desuza said. These applications have been constantly entered into a data base to ease the processing of information and to “give a more efficient calculation of the persons who qualify under the selection criteria”. The selection criteria, to determine who is entitled to monies, are still being worked on, the SWRF chairman disclosed. “We are trying to refine the selection criteria. It’s a lot of information to process and review, and as such I am not in a position this afternoon, to report on those,” he informed. “I know that people will be very interested in knowing under what conditions they will receive money but I will give that [information] at an appropriate time.” The Observer has spoken with relatives of deceased sugar workers, some who would have received monies from the initial severance payment, and some who never claimed. It appears the issue of who will get deceased workers’ monies is already causing tension in some families. Some persons say if their relative is entitled to money, the matter may end up in court since some persons did not leave a will or in other instances, whose names are on the will are not the ones who paid for their living, medical and burial expenses.