No Warner Park Don’t Stop No Football Show

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The Observer

No Warner Park. No problem, said Spencor Amory, General Secretary of the St. kitts Football Association.

“It just gives us the opportunity to extend football throughout the island,” he said. “We are going to carry the premier games to other venues.”

St. Kitts Football League started last Sunday with premier division games played at the Sandy Point football field. For the next month or two that venue will be home to premier play.

After that, Amory said the next possible venue to host the premier games would be Cayon.

“We are also going to use this opportunity to develop our home-and-away format of play,” Amory said. He explained that in the coming month some teams would play on their home fields where practice. This would mean premier games could be played in St. Pauls, Saddlers, Newtown, Village, McKnight and other venues that have football teams, Amory said.

Playing the games in different venue has potential of attracting more interest in the game, Amory said. He pointed out that the various communities will also benefit in terms of increase economic activity.

“We are basically taking football to the people,” Amory said. “We want that movement of people following the clubs.

“So you see, we are very excited about this season. It is a season of change.”

Also in this season teams will play to qualify for the semi-pro football league that is currently being developed to start in 2006. Amory said the top five teams in the premier division will qualify automatically and playoff type of format will decide the last two spots.

Also he said the national football team would be embedded in that professional league.

“We are looking at ways and means to sustain develop our football players throughout the year,” Amory said. “For us the next two football cycles will be very critical for the development of football in the Federation.”

Amory announced that this year would also see the inclusion of a Nevis team in the League. Nevis’ Cable TV Barth United, current league champions in Nevis, will play in the league in the first division. This means, Amory said, there will be some games scheduled in Nevis.

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