Nov. 15 Culturama 45 contest deadline

Abonaty Liburd, Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat
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CHARLESTOWN, Nevis -– The Culturama Secretariat has announced Nov. 15 is the deadline for entries to be received for the 2019 Culturama 45 Slogan Contest.

“We have decided that the closing date for the Culturama 45 Slogan Competition will be Thursday, November 15,” Executive Director of the Culturama Secretariat Abonaty Liburd said. “Get your creative minds in shape, in gear and pen your slogans to submit to the Culturama 45 Slogan Competition.”

Liburd disclosed that so far, more than 30 entries have been submitted. He encouraged the public to continue to submit short catchy entries that reflect the true spirit of Nevis’ Culturama.

Persons who wish to enter the contest can submit their entries directly to the Culturama Secretariat located at the Cotton Ginnery Mall in Charlestown or by email:

Culturama, a 12-day festival celebrated in late July to early August annually, showcases Nevisian arts and culture.

Liburd says Nevis is known to be rich in culture. Culturama serves as a time when Nevisians celebrate their cultural heritage with events showcasing folklore, music, food, and arts and crafts.

Liburd announced the secretariat is encouraging interested the public to sign up for Culturama 45 senior pageants, including special events for seniors, the Miss Culture Queen Pageant, the Miss Culture Swimwear Contest and the Mr. Kool contest.

“We are looking for five participants for the Mr. Kool, five participants for the Miss Culture Swimwear and six entrants in the Miss Culture Queen Pageant,” Liburd said.

“Application forms are available at the Culturama Secretariat or at our website at Application forms are there, we encourage entrants to download these forms and return them to the Culturama Secretariat.

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