July 26 — The number of weapons seized By police in St. Kitts and Nevis has almost eclipsed the total seized in all of 2009, when 33 guns were recovered. The 32nd firearm was taken during an operation in and around a number of abandoned houses at Fort Thomas Road and Thibou Avenue on Tuesday, July 20. Three guns and a number of rounds of ammunition were found: One 357 Blackhawk revolver with six rounds, one PT Millennium .40 semi-automatic pistol with seven .40 rounds of ammunition, one 9mm semi-automatic pistol (Taurus) with eight 9mm rounds of ammunition, and two separate .45 magazines containing twelve .45 rounds. The number of firearms in the country appear to be steadily increasing, when judged By the quantity removed from the streets By year. In 2008, 33 weapons were recovered, the same as last year; in 2007, the number was 21. Only eight guns were seized in 2006.