Ongoing work to redevelop a water well at Hamilton on Jan. 16.

The Nevis Water Department announced it is mobilized to start the redevelopment phase of the Hamilton Estate well during the week of Jan. 20, part of a project in the Hamilton area that will see the construction of a new reservoir, refurbishing of an old reservoir, the installation of a water filtration system and the redevelopment of the Hamilton Well. 

The redevelopment phase should take two to three weeks to complete. 

Part of thew process requires the NWD to do a pump test, which involves pumping water to waste into the nearby ghaut at a rate of 300 igpm (imperial gallons per minute) — close to one-half million gallons per day — sometime during the two to three week period. The process will confirm the water well is as sustainable as when it was first developed.

The ghaut into which the water will be pumped is a tributary to the Bath Ghaut, meaning during the pump test, cooler water will possibly reach the bathing areas in the Bath Stream, possibly causing an inconvenience for users due to lowered water temperature. 

The NWD regrets and apologizes for this inconvenience, a necessary part of the process.