In the past several months you have started to have one or two negative articles in your news daily concerning President Trump. I find that very upsetting since you rarely mention any other world leader.

It points to somebody hating President Trump. I had two children in your country attending Ross and my family spent a lot on time and money on your beautiful Island.

If this continues I am going to start an effort to boycott your Nation including U.S. Cruise Lines. I hope you take this seriously, I will start with my Senator and any aid you are getting from us.

Hard for me to believe you are doing this, I’ve been a reader for years, no other U.S. President has gotten this treatment. I believe in freedom of the press but this is selective hate.

Bobby Abernathy

Editor’s Note:

Dear Bobby,

We are sorry you are upset about Observer coverage of Donald Trump, but most items are news stories from major publications that relate to our region. They are not editorials or opinion stories from the Observer.

As a news service we publish what news is important or interesting to our readers. If the stories happen to be unflattering to Pres. Trump or anyone else, and they are legitimate news stories, they may be published.

We do publish stories of other world leaders, flatteringly or unflatteringly. Pres. Trump isn’t the only one.

But let me make it clear, our coverage has no connection or debt to the government or any vested interest groups in the Federation.