Old BHS Furniture, Lab Equipment Being Used In Other Schools LK Hewlett Former Principal Carlene Henry-Morton has revealed that the old furniture from the allegedly ‘contaminated’ Basseterre High School had been put in other schools under the authorization of former Minister of Education Nigel Carty. “Under their directive, they instructed us to take the furniture from down there. As a matter of fact we asked questions about it and they told us “use the furniture from up there,” Morton told The Observer in an interview Thursday . “Lisa Pistana [Education Officer at the time, now Chief Education Officer] had been taking furniture from down there. She put some in Beach Allen. Quinton Morton, the Education Planner, shared out the furniture all around the island. So a lot of people who think their children are sitting down at [clean] desks, they are sitting down on furniture from up at Basseterre High School…a lot of children around the island sitting down on the BHS furniture, just that they didn’t tell them anything” The former principal broke her silence about what had been transpiring in the latter part of her tenure, now that she has resigned the post. She told The Observer the Labour Party representatives and MPs had been on the radio this week accusing the Ministry of Education of using said furniture for the relocated BHS forms. According to Mrs. Morton, the furniture was being removed since last year. “They are talking about they move the building [wooden classroom form and they took out the furniture and ain’t even wash them down; people taking furniture from up there from ever since, that is nothing new “As a matter of fact, the equipment and materials out of the labs, they are up Washie [Washington Archibald High School], in Cayon High. When I questioned Lisa Pistana about it she said they do not belong to Basseterre High School, they belong to the government.” Morton said she questioned the way the items were removed because the government had spent a lot of money to purchase them to replace the ones that had been removed from the BHS when the labs were renovated. “Those things were bought specifically for Basseterre High School. When the school opened we got a whole fresh stock, they gave us completely new chemicals, materials, everything and they gave us an inventory, so I told her I don’t mind her taking them up because I can’t [do anything about it] but she must say what she took up.” She said that has not been done, despite the Minister of Education instructing the CEO to submit a list to her. The BHS management only found out when they went to the facility to collect material for their science classes and there was very little there, the veteran educator claimed. “I was told today that the head of the science department went down there sometime this week…and nothing is down there. She [CEO] took out even more,” claims Morton. The furniture was taken with her knowledge she clarified, but the lab equipment and materials were not. She said while persons could have a legitimate concern about the BHS students using the old furniture, members of the past administration could not. “They don’t have the moral authority to say anything,” she emphasized.