On The Corner – Who will run things in IHS Track & Field?

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By Vernlyn Zakers

Everyone would agree that this is the season for sports.

Presently in the Federations, football, cricket, netball, basketball and even volleyball leagues are rolling deep with action. Schools are holding sports’ days and everyone seems to be pumped up with enthusiasm.

In two weeks TDC’s sponsored Inter-High School Track and Field will take place at the Basseterre High School.

Already excitement for the event is building up and everyone seems to have an opinion about the meet.

Nathan Johnson, Lodge Village — I’ve got a pretty good feeling that Sandy Point High will win because they have some really good athletes. I’ve seen their athletes perform and they are very swift. I think they will also win because their athletes take their training seriously.

Noah Mills, Client Relations & Marketing Manager — Sandy Point High will win because they are the best in everything; athletics, sports and academics. They are the best — they have won it for 14 years, so who can stop them now from winning again?

Kim Collins, star athlete & local hero — Inter-school will be full of competition. As a former student of the Basseterre High School, I think we will win once again and bring the championship back to Basseterre.

Glenn Nisbett, St.Johnson’s Village — Inter-School championship is something that everyone should come out and see. For the first time we will be having girls from various high school to do some cheerleading competitions. It is interesting to see that each school has sent in a team of girls to participate.

The most exciting part will be the short races like 200 meters and 100 meters. These are the best races — they are very short so they tend to make the event very exciting. The general public needs to come out to support, not just the school, but the athletes — they are the athletes of the future.

Devin Warner, Clerk — Sandy Point High School will be the champions again because they have done it for 14 years straight. I don’t think that they are going to stop now. I don’t think that Basseterre High will win, even though over the years they have been dominating in some events, but over all Sandy Point High is going to come out victorious again.

Shontel Nichols, Student — Sandy Point is going to win again because they always do. Even though I am a student of the Basseterre High, I think Sandy Point High will be victorious once again. I think Basseterre High will do good, they might place second but they will not win.

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