One High School In Pennsylvania Will Graduate 11 Sets Of Twins This Month.

Photo courtest of Norwin High School Web site, The school focuses on science and maths.
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Next May 24 will be an unforgettable day for one high school in Pennsylvania when 11 pairs of twins will participate in the graduation ceremony. Some of the sets of twins  have been in classes together since elementary school, which must have been confusing for their teachers.

Hopefully they will all pick up the right graduation diplomas.

“This is my ninth year as principal (of the school) and without a doubt it is the largest number (of twins) we have had” in that period, Michael Choby told ABC Channel 7, noting that the 11 couples have been at that Norwin school, in Irwin (Pennsylvania), for four years, from which they now graduate.

Not all  of the twins are identical. Some are fraternal, which means that they were born at the same time, but look different from each other.

“I didn’t realize there was so many of us until I got down into the office and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s 22 of us,'” said senior Rachel Cassley.

“I thought it was normal, so I just think it’s really cool,” her brother Jack said.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, twins account for just 3% of all births, and these twins, fraternal and identical, are part of the more than 400 young people who complete high school who will  continue into higher education like twins Gianna and Gabriella who plan to continue together at the same university.

“The twin bond is something that most siblings don’t get to have,” Gianna said. ” We don’t have any special powers, but sometimes we finish each other’s sentences.”

Source: El Universal, news agencies.
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