Ongoing projects continue with great benefit, job potential

Pier construction.
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CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — Ongoing projects to complete new building additions and renovate others are having very beneficial effects on the Nevis economy, Hon Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis and Minister of Finance told the Nevis Island Administration on the Dec. 5 Budget Day.

“As it relates to ongoing projects, work continued on the Treasury Building Renovation Project is expected to be completed by mid-2019,” Brantley said. “Expenditure to date on this project amounts to $6.16 million funded largely through disbursements from the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund. When completed, this structure will be our main financial centre, hosting the offices of the Inland Revenue and the Treasury Department, resulting in huge cost savings in rental payments for the Administration.

“The Alexandra Hospital Rehabilitation Project is progressing smoothly despite some earlier setbacks. This project is the single largest investment in our health care infrastructure and it is a clear demonstration of my Administration’s commitment and dedication to providing first-class health care for the citizens and visitors on Nevis.

Water Taxi
“Phase 1 of the construction of the enhanced Water Taxi Facility, being the construction of the pier itself also funded by the SIDF, is substantially completed. Expenditure to date on this project amounts to $5.07 million including the cost of acquisition of the property.

“Phase 2 of that facility, being the renovation of the existing building structure to provide administrative services, will commence early in the New Year.”
The Finance Minister said this project is of significant importance to the Administration as it seeks to enhance visitor’s arrival experiences.

Police station
“Work continues at a rapid pace on the reconstruction of the New Castle Police Station,” the minister said. “Even though National Security is a responsibility of the Federal Government, it must be noted that the NIA is thus far bearing the full cost of reconstruction. Expenditure to date on that project amounts to $ 2.2 million.

Government House
“I am also happy to report that restoration works at the Government House are now substantially completed and we are indeed looking forward to the relocation of the Office of the Deputy Governor General to this enhanced structure during the first quarter of the new fiscal year. The expenditure to date on this project amounts to approximately $1.70 million.

“Expansion work on our education plant at the Ivor Walters Primary School through the construction of a temporary classroom block, a guidance counsellor’s office and additional bath rooms was undertaken at the start of this school year to meet the needs of the growing school population,” Brantley said.

“This has been completed on time and within budget and we publicly thank contractor Euclid Williams and his team for their excellent work,” Brantley said. “Expansion work on the office complex at the Charlestown Primary School is proceeding nicely and we anticipate completion shortly. As I have done before, please permit me again to apologize to teachers staff parents and students for disruptions and thank them for their patience.’

Road projects
Phase I of the Brown Hill Road Rehabilitation Project is substantially completed with the laying of 5,700 feet of asphalt, road realignment along with the construction of curbs, slipper drains, U-drains, culverts and reconstruction of retaining walls.

Total expenditure on this project to date amounts to $2.8 million,” Brantley said. “I wish to put on record our sincere thanks and appreciation to the good people of Brown Hill for their patience, understanding and tremendous cooperation thus far as we seek to complete this project early in the new fiscal year.

“Work has started on Phase I of the Bath Village Road Rehabilitation Project and also Phase I of the Craddock Road Rehabilitation Project as we seek to close out our road reconstruction program for this budget cycle. Both of these projects are long overdue and the good people of Bath and Craddock Road have suffered for decades with inadequate infrastructure. Today I am proud to announce that we are working to alleviate and ameliorate that suffering.

“Our road development and maintenance programme will continue during the fiscal year 2019,” Brantley said. “We have allocated the amount of $12.0 million in our budget for our road reconstruction program for the upcoming fiscal year. Our first priority will be the completion of the ongoing projects at Bath Road, Craddock Road and Brown Hill Road before embarking on any new works.

“Our program for the 2019 fiscal period will see works undertaken at Upper Shaws road continuing to Fountain. in addition, we shall undertake a number of secondary village roads such the road network connecting Craddock Road with Old Hospital Road, connecting Hamilton with Pump Road, Farms Estate Road and the road network in the Ramsbury area to name a few.

Main Road
We will have to give attention to remedying the Island’s Main Road from Cotton Ground to the Vance Amory International Airport and the Long Point Road to Pinney’s Junction by Artisan Village via Pump Road. These roads have deteriorated badly through heavy wear and tear over the past years.

“It is our intention to seek a Public/Private funding arrangement with an international construction firm to execute the works and provide financing under a long-term payment arrangement in order to reduce the burden on the finances of the government.”

Brantley said, “These works will be done with the assistance of the Public Works Department and we will ensure that our local labour, contractors and equipment such as trucks, backhoes and excavators are fully utilised on these two projects. We have allocated an amount of $8.2 million in our budget to execute works on this section of the island’s main road during the upcoming fiscal period.

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