It’s an undisputed fact that St. Kitts and Nevis became an independent nation on September 19, 1983. Likewise, it’s undisputed that we are now in 2013, mathematically proving this is our thirtieth year of our independence from Great Britain. We have celebrated this date every year since 1983. The potent question is: What are we really celebrating? Is it that we celebrate the anniversary date without considering the gains, the ills, the indifferences and other day to day trappings? What about the day to day running of St. Kitts and Nevis? Let me say at the onset that I was not in the federation on September 19, 1983 and do not recall much of subsequent anniversaries prior to 1992. However, from that year forward I’ve regarded each anniversary celebration as a despicable and insipid sham. There has been a complete absence of any meaningful celebration at all for some years, here on Nevis. Observing the attitude of Dr. Denzil Douglas towards the current Nevis Island Administration, Nevis this year will either have to design and finance our own program or do without. PM Douglas has openly said he will make sure he keeps Nevis “green”. He failed. Before the recent election that CCM won, our Prime Minister shouted out in parliament, directed to Honorable Vance Amory and Mark Brantley, “aryou dun lose”. He was dead wrong again as both men won handsomely, thus taking over the realms of government on Nevis. While I have no feelings towards our PM in one way or another, it is obvious that the federal union is not working as it should. At the same time I hold no gripe with the powers to be over in St. Kitts. By nature and going by the psyche of the Kittitian plus observing a long history, that is precisely what is expected. I’ll be angry with us Nevisians because the late Dr. Simeon Daniel ensured us clause 113 of our constitution, the tool and mechanism for us to become an independent nation and free ourselves from the shackles that have been a huge burden for more than a century. Yet still, Dr. Daniel has not been knighted or named as National Hero as he deserves. I must give credit to Premier, the Honorable Vance Amory for giving us the opportunity to free ourselves in 1998. The referendum failed by a small margin. All who voted in favor of our independence then, I must applaud and say a hearty Thank You! For those who did otherwise, I cannot say that you are not partly responsible for the present dilemma and predicament that has been quite obvious. If the opportunity ever arises again, please let us all do the right thing and support our Nevis independence. Now in 2013, what are we seeing? History has provided enough for us to ask, what is there for us to celebrate? We see and hear a leader who describes himself as being “bad since he born” and ‘tenman in one”. The same leader has been labeled a “Stranger to the truth” by a sitting judge. Our Prime Minister has been sitting bombastically and allowing 9 months to pass by while refusing to debate a Motion of No Confidence in his government. A Prime Minister who has only a minority number of elected members supporting him in the SKN Parliament. A government that 3 elected members broke ranks with the party in power. A ruling Government that now has the IMF with hands around our necks. A Government that at one time occupied the highest indebted nation status. A Government allegedly manipulating slush SIDF funds to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. We have had: (a) The number 1 murder status in the world. (b) 17% Valued Added Tax burden imposed on goods and services. (c) The unfortunate and unprecedented occurrence of swapping land for debt. (d) A Supervisor of Elections, a registration officer and a minister guilty of misfeasance, misconduct and bad faith. (e) An Attorney General charged and found guilty of Contempt of Court. (f) The seat of a minister in government rendered Null and Void by the court of law. We have traded decency and dignity for power, money and immorality. Our electoral office has been suspected of illegal registrations and actually removed the names of legitimate voters from the voters list, without notice and due process. While we live with these ordeals, are we celebrating these wrong doings, ills and evils? However, it has not been all negative as we saw Kim Collins rise to fame and remains a consistent competitor for an astonishingly long period of time. Long enough to witness what seemed an orchestrated disgraceful exit from the London Olympics 2012. We have seen Stuart Williams, the late Runako Morton and Keiran Powell march into the West Indies Cricket team. We have seen Nevis building a drag strip with no evidence to suggest that was a justifiable cause. Nevis bought a dialysis unit without a plan, without a staff and left no monies in the coffers. The chatter associated with that comedy illustrates the undesirables we’ve encountered. On September 11, 2012, just prior to the 29th Independence Anniversary, Nevis was declared “broke”by the NIA financial secretary. There has been SIDF funds ($4 million) supposedly paid for airport lands. Such monies paid via the Nevis Craft House and NIP in highly questionable circumstances. Transparency in this transaction have been lacking while Nevisians hold our heads and cringe. It is rather depressing and painful to rationalize the events and progress we’ve claimed during the past 30 years. Sadly, the late Dr. Simeon Daniel has not been awarded deserving official status by our federation. One should not celebrate mediocrity or poor results. I’ve seen my island degenerate into disgrace during the past 30 years. I cannot celebrate. Our morals, ethics and standards have dropped alarmingly. True, a few have more money in their pockets and the gap has certainly widened between the so called “haves” and the “have-nots”. Where is the brotherly and sisterly love? Where is the understanding? Where is the care and concern? Where is the empathy? Our leaders have not seen it fit to pass Integrity in Public Life bill but have been rather lewd and crass plus they’ve shown how to disrespect, deceive and destroy. Our leaders are today in courts defending and losing most cases and sadly, using taxpayer’s money against taxpayer themselves. What a disgraceful state! What the hell is there to celebrate?