An Open Letter To The Manager Of Cable T.V.

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Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your paper for this article.

For the past months since the taking over of the Cable TV by your company, I have been observing the situation and waiting to see if it would improve, but it has not, so I am expressing my dissatisfaction in this article.

Nothing in this world is perfect, but I think that the Cable Company we had before gave us a reasonable package we could have worked with. There were some pretty good channels, along with the religious ones, various networks and of course the news channels.

But I notice that without a word to the general public from whom you collect monthly fees, you have quietly and systematically removed a lot of these channels. Since we pay, do you not think we should have a say?

It would have been most appropriate if you had a survey done to find out if we were satisfied with the service we had or even which channels are most frequently viewed by your audience before you just take them out. And it is the way you’ve done it, with total disregard and disrespect for the Nevisian public whom you serve.

For days and nights some channels are just there, no sound just one still picture or sometimes a blank screen. Then it would change to something else in the middle of the night it seems, and by morning there’s something totally different in its place.For example, I could remember channel 51 advertising “Three Men and a Baby” for the Friday evening. I even wrote the date down to remember to watch it. Then I noticed the channel started malfunctioning about mid-week and by the Friday evening it was gone. That was disappointing Mr. Manager, TV land was gone.

May I say this to you, a large section of your viewing public comprise more of a mature audience, (check the people who come to complain) and maybe the younger children. That generation in between is on social media, internet, facebook and whatever else.  Thus the package that was there was quite appropriate.

Channel 2 was Programme Line Up, now it’s nothing. Whenever, I travel to another country, the first question I ask my host before I sit down to watch TV is “Which channel is the programme line up?”  Are we less than the people in other countries, so we should be denied that privilege?

Channel 3 is still T.B.S. The channel has the same name but the content for most part isnothing worth while watching. I notice you have put something Caribbean on Channel 4. I can work with that. Anything Caribbean I can work with as long as it is Educational or uplifting.

Channel 9 WGN was a very popular channel.You have changed that to a Spanish channel. I do not have a problem with a Spanish station- no problem at all. You can give them 4 channels.

They live among us, our Spanish friends I mean, and they contribute to our society. But why channel 9? Find some less popular channel to give them. Furthermore, why is it that all of a sudden, a lot of the English speaking channels have so much Spanish language in them? You are watching a documentary, and all the ads are in Spanish, even at the end you try to read the conclusion of the story on the screen, but it is in Spanish. The last time I checked we live in Nevis, an English speaking territory. How come the Spanish speaking channels, do not have any English ads’ in them?

In addition, channel 48, the Ophra Winfrey Network which was quite entertaining and informative has gone. Channel 51, as I mentioned before has gone, channel 27 also seems to be different, and so many more channels. I really can not explain what has replaced them. I do not know how these things are done, but it is better to have a few worthwhile channels than over 70 channels with nothing much to view. Nevisians are smart people, mostly quiet but smart. So why have you dumped all these empty useless channels on us without any communication or explanation? Is that the best you can do? Then the same medium you use to inform us that our bills are due each month, use that some medium and say why that’s the best you can do.

How about an Educational Programme for the kids, apart from SpongeBob and all these other cartoon stuff? I am not discrediting them, but how about a programme with numbers, letters, words and other educational exercises? Then children can learn something meaningful.

Now, may I ask why you have changed the package that was there? If it was available to the other companies, how come it is not available to you? Also, since we are paying the same monthly bill how come it’s not available to us?

If you sell people a product or service don’t you want people to enjoy it, or do you just do not care? I am absolutely certain that people have called in to voice their concerns, I can say this about your representatives, is that they are quite pleasant but not very helpful. They are just there to collect.  So how come no one can help us? This is sad. A lot of the channels are just empty and shallow with nothing in them. Some are filled with senseless violence and gun play; not good for our society.

There are a lot of Sports channels. I must commend you on that. However let’s hope thatchannels 39 and 63 do not change the Olympic Games come around. I have observed that you have changed channel 6 to what appears to be a Japanese or Chinese station. No problem with that. You have also changed channel 35 to another News Channel, but it’s different and interesting. So I have no quarrel with that either.

I watch TV for three main reasons; spiritual upliftment, which I get from the religious channels, knowledge and information which includes sports, news, documentaries etc. and lastly I watch for entertainment. But there is absolutely no channel that this 60 plus years retired teacher can access, and enjoy a relaxing and entertaining movie, appropriate to her age and desirability. Absolutely none! Channel 43 feeds us a steady diet of intrigue betrayal and sometimes murder. I should have a choice to watch something else. Could you please rectify the situation? I would be very grateful. If you cannot do it sir, you have failed me and a lot of other persons. There is nothing wrong with change, but it should be for the better, if not for the best.

I must conclude Mr. Cable Manager, that from the choice of some of these programmes and from the general out look of things, you have been listening to someone or to some people, but may I ask you this simple and direct question Sir, “ ARE YOU LISTENING TO NEVISIANS?”

Celia Johnson Archibald

Retired Teacher

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