Several opposition members of parliament today met with representatives from the NGO Coalition to discuss the latest developments surrounding the Motion of No Confidence filed against the government. The Observer understands the meeting took place at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s office Thursday afternoon (July 11) and at least four of the six opposition MPs were present. The main topic, it was revealed, was the lingering Motion of No Confidence matter which has once again “been exacerbated by the Denzil Douglas-led government”, MP Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris said. The NGO Coalition- the St. Kitts-Nevis Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the St. Kitts Christian Council and the St. Kitts Evangelical Association said on Monday that they viewed “with great concern’that a sitting of the National Assembly had been scheduled without the motion of no confidence on the agenda. “Further delay in tabling the motion is unacceptable in a democratic society,’they stated. At 9 this morning Speaker of the House Hon. Curtis Martin and Attorney General Hon. Jason Hamilton went to court to have the Opposition’s application for discontinuance of the matter involving the MoNC set aside. On Monday (July 8) the Speaker of the House indicated that despite the Opposition filing a notice of discontinuance on July 5 he had instructed his lawyers to attend this morning’s session to ‘seek the court’s indulgence to hear argument and rule on these serious legal issues”. The lawyers for the Speaker and Attorney General have filed papers for the matter to be continued, which according to Hon. Martin, makes the motion of no confidence remain sub judice. He indicated until the court had ruled on the matter pertaining to the motion filed in December 2012, he would also not entertain the second motion filed last week. “In all of the circumstances therefore, I will continue to hold in abeyance any decision on the matters before the National Assembly relating to the motions,”he said.