“I do not believe that this so-called government has any legitimacy to present any budget on behalf of the people.”This was the view expressed by Opposition parliamentarians during this week’s Budget (2015) Debate. PAM Leader Hon. Shawn Richards was one of the most vocal MPs on the matter. “They should not be signing any contract or doing any kind of business affecting the people of St. Kitts-Nevis,”he said on Thursday, the 2nd day of debate. He made it known during his presentation that he had to “look deep within myself to find the conviction to come to parliament to debate the budget”. “I have listened to the budget presentation but shortly after he [Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas] began I left the parliament. I haven’t listened to it; I haven’t read it because I don’t believe the legitimacy is there for the member to present it.”Richards said he had come to the House to use the opportunity to thank his constituency for the last ten years of service and for the other years to come. “That is the first reason, second and equally important, I want to wish them a most enjoyable Christmas and carnival. “I say to them 2015 is a year of renewed hope for them, of positive growth and development for them. I say to them in 2015 there will be a new government, a government of national unity.”The MP then indicated that he would be ignoring the presentations from the members on the government benches. “I ain’ come here to debate no budget. I don’t know if a budget was presented…And I don’t intend to stay in here and listen to any of you, so when I leave don’t even bother say anything. The administration is illegitimate,”he declared. Richards said the promises made in the 2015 Budget were irrelevant since come next year the present government will not be in office ‘to deliver on anything in that budget”. Team Unity issued a press statement explaining their attendance of National Assembly this week, having boycotted the past two budget debates. “The decision to attend Parliament was not taken lightly but was arrived at after deep consultations between Team Unity members, their supporters and constituents. Team Unity saw it as critical to attend the National Parliament today to use the national stage to set out for our people the stark difference in thinking, ethos and policy of Team Unity and the outgoing Labour/NRP regime. Our people we feel must be permitted to see the difference between what was and what we hope to be. “It must be clear to all that this Budget is an election budget with all the usual promises and giveaways that has become customary as a desperate leadership seeks to persuade our population to invest confidence yet again in its failed policies,’the release stated. Members on the government side chided the opposition MPs saying by coming to parliament on that occasion they had abandoned their alleged principles as a matter of convenience.