Our corporate citizens have stepped up to the plate

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Within the past years, a few local companies have risen to the pinnacle on the list of charitable patrons.

TDC has stepped away from the pack and been in the forefront of sponsorship for educational and especially sporting activities at school, communal, and National levels. .

Having recently recommitted itself to the Berridge Howell One-Day Cricket Classic, TDC is again exhibiting the company’s dedication to the development of sports in St. Kitts-Nevis.

Other companies that also strive to fulfil their civic duties include UTS Cariglobe (Chippie), Cable & Wireless and Digicel, to name a few.

Examples can be taken from these companies that commit themselves time and time again to the advancement sports in the Federation.

From sponsoring teams, to individuals, to events, these companies are positioning themselves in the community as companies that seek not just to take, but to give back in some form.

It is understood that not all companies can donate at the top level, but every little bit helps towards the ultimate goal.

There exists so much talent, lying dormant in our youth for the mere fact that they may not have access to funds to purchase the required equipment for the sport they love.

We, as a country cannot expect to progress while hanging on to lackadaisical attitudes, it is time to take a new and bold approach to community spirit.

Companies have to adapt initiatives that can help our youth prosper, to become the future earners and consumers that these same companies rely on to make a profit.

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