Pain Has a Voice

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Can you hear the silent cries?By Guest Author

It is important to understand that pain has a voice and it speaks into the ears of those who are hurting. This voice has the power to motivate and propel its victim to embrace various vices to find an outlet. Some embrace substance abuse, while others turn to prostitution, homosexuality, or gang violence. In our society today, there are many who are silently crying out for help. There are young boys and girls who are seeking someone to understand them, show compassion, love them and above all, accept them instead of condemning them.

The silent cry may be of one who is living in the home of a caregiver who is sexually assaulting or raping him or her. One living in a home where the perpetrator of this assault is a trusted relative or family friend is as one who has no hope. The question pondered is, “Who can I approach to find help?” Fear of ostracism, condemnation or humiliation has muffled their voices from audibly crying out. The demonstration of their pain is affecting communities, schools and street corners; the shooting, stabbing incidents and violent acts, all send the clear message, “I am in pain.”

These persons who are in pain do not always stand alone. “Misery likes company,” is a general saying, but very true. Gangs provide this type of outlet. Shared pain. The ability to identify with someone is important at this point. Someone who hears the same voice of pain and suffering.

A teenager shared this view, “For some young people, turning to gangs is their method of gaining acceptance and support in a group. They may feel singled out, left out, misunderstood and abused by their peers or family members, whereas in a gang, there is the notion of “We are family now; we have your back”. When they commit crimes, they may have this in mind. They would rob someone to get money for their gang or they would shoot someone – esp. from another gang – because they threatened their fellow gang member. Their feeling of being protected by their gang can lead some to behave with superiority to their non-gang acquaintances and even actively intimidate those around them should they feel threatened. Mostly, they are looking for acceptance at home and finding none; they go where it is readily given – the gangs”.

Many are mourning in the land due to the silent cry of the youth as they obey the voice of pain. Murder, larceny, robberies, just to name a few areas. The fact of the matter is, the young people are hurting and need our help. This is not fiction but fact. Pain is real and it is speaking to the youth of the land. “Someone must pay for your pain,” it says. “You must kill; or be killed” it taunts. This might be your neighbour, a relative, son or daughter.  The point is, it is real and the question is, “Are you willing to help without judging and go the extra mile to rescue them?” This is only one of the root causes of the problem. It is scary to delve deeper into more.


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