Basseterre- Republic Bank (EC) Limited has introduced Mrs. Pamela Herbert-Daniel as its Country Manager for banking operations here in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Mrs. Herbert-Daniel has had a 32-year career in banking, climbing the Bank of Nova Scotia’s hierarchy and increasing her regional banking experience with each step. She has worked in St. Kitts as Personal Banking Manager and Branch Manager; in Anguilla as Managing Director; and, more recently, as Country Head in St. Vincent. She has also held the roles of both Chairperson and Director of the Scotiabank Anguilla Limited Board.

Mrs. Herbert-Daniel is an Accredited Director with Chartered Secretaries Canada and has completed the Canadian Institute for Bankers Programme.

Mrs. Herbert-Daniel’s appointment follows the acquisition of the operations of the Bank of Nova Scotia by Republic Financial Holdings Ltd. Republic Bank opened its three branches, staffed by more than 60 employees, to the public on Friday November 1, 2019.

With a diverse network of 118 branches, in 14 territories and more than 5,900 employees, Republic Bank has been building relationships with stakeholders and serving customers for 182 years. Socially responsible and deeply committed to building successful societies wherever it operates, the Bank will soon introduce its “Power to Make a Difference” corporate social responsibility programme to St. Kitts and Nevis.