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The children’s parade, whose costumes featured “Natural Disasters”, took place on Monday 31st December.  It was time for the kiddies to be in the spotlight, and indeed they were.  All eyes were on them as they paraded throughout the streets of Basseterre beautifully adorned in multi-coloured costumes.

The parade was lead by the majorettes who were neatly decked in purple and white.  They amused the bystanders as they showcased their talent in demonstrating many dance moves and baton twirling.

The folklore added variety to the parade as the masquerades danced to the sound of the big drums.  To accompany the children, a number of bands and steel pans were present and provided much entertainment.  It was evident that the children were having a grand time as they could be seen dancing some of the latest dance moves.

The parade was a success and it left many persons anticipating the New Year’s grand parade which took to the streets on Tuesday 1st January in celebration of the 2007-2008 National Carnival.  A large number of spectators absorbed the multi-coloured troupes.  The Children’s Parade was included as an element of the New Years Day grand parade.

As the array of colours combined into one ensemble, it was nothing less of a beautiful scenery.  The event created an atmosphere of fun and frolic as onlookers and revellers alike were no doubt having a great time.

One of the biggest troupes was the Digicel Inferno Revellers troupe who wore a mixture of burnt orange, royal blue, plum and purple costumes.  Other troupes included the Mas’ Xotique by Phunn Makers, the Zodiac 1 and the Elements by Banker Mas Camp.

As the bands, hi-fis and steel pans accompanied the massive troupes the revellers and onlookers gyrated to the music in excitement.

The parade also featured the many folklore troupes such as the masquerades, clowns, moko jumbie and the popular mansion bull.  The New Years’ Day parade was indeed a success as all were happy with the outcome and displayed their satisfaction as they oohed and awed.

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