On July 11th, 2006, the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) won three seats in the Nevis Island Assembly elections and took over the reins of local government from CCM. The new Premier, Joseph Parry, gave a commitment then that he would pass integrity in public life (IPL) legislation as the first order of business, to set the stage for the ‘sunshine”governance that he would usher in. Now, fast forward to January 22nd, 2013. Not only did the NRP administration not pass the IPL legislation, ostensibly the highest priority item on their agenda at the time, but on April 26th, 2013, during the 2013 Budget Address, Premier and Minister of Finance, the Hon. Vance Amory, disclosed ‘shocking details”about “wanton and reckless spending”by the Joseph Parry-led NRP administration. Premier Amory detailed brazen financial abuses by the NRP over some six years in office. We learnt that the Parry administration was paying up to $5000 per month for cellphone bills for some Advisors and Ministers. “For one month the Cabinet Secretary had a cellphone bill of $8,500 and there were Ministers who regularly had cellphone bills of $3000, $4000 and $5000 per month. It was also disclosed that after the Court of Appeals upheld the nullification of former Deputy Premier Hensley Daniel’s seat in August 2012 and he was forced to resign as a Minister of Government, he was hired as a consultant by then Premier Hon. Joseph Parry the following day for $12,000 per month. “As a Minister he would have been paid about $8000 per month,”What we found most egregious of those abuses however, was the revelation that up until December 2012, the Parry-NRP administration continued to pay Federal Minister, the Hon. Patrice Nisbett’s cellphone bill to the tune of over $17,000 in 2012 alone. “Mr. Nisbett has not held position with the NIA since he assumed the position as Attorney General after the January 2010 election”, Deputy Premier, the Hon. Mark Brantley, said in an interview following the Budget presentation. If what we are hearing with regard what appears unwarranted payments, by the Parry administration, of expenses of the Hon. Patrice Nisbett when he in fact did not work for or on behalf of the NIA, then we think the only decent thing for the Hon. Patrice Nisbett to do is resign from his position of Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs in the Federal government, lest he continue to bring the office into disrepute for unfairly and unlawfully benefitting from the public purse. This is an open and shut case and needs no further argument. But, as wanton, reckless and egregious the financial abuses there existed in the Parry administration over six years, they would pale in comparison to the financial abuses of the Douglas administration, which took office on July 3rd 1995 with a promise to pass IPL legislation in the first one hundred days to set the stage for good governance at the federal level. After some eighteen years in office we are still awaiting IPL legislation. We know that Douglas has substantially more financial resources available to him in National Bank, Social Security and the Treasury, not to mention the massive amount of moneys diverted into the private SIDF account from the sale of government passports, in contravention of the constitution of St. Kitts and Nevis. If what we are hearing is true, some fifteen thousand passports have been sold through the Citizenship by Investment Programme and some US$ 1 Billion has been channeled into the SIDF accounts as a consequence. Imagine what Douglas has done so far with all of that money, especially when there is no control by the Accountant General, no oversight by Parliament and no examination by the Auditor General, as would have been the case with the budgetary expenditures by the Parry administration. It is mind boggling what Douglas is doing with all that public money outside the scrutiny of the public and perhaps that explains why Douglas and his cohorts are so desperate to remain in office, some say at all cost. It seems they do not want a Unity government to unearth and disclose massive fraud and abuse of public funds over their eighteen years in office. Take for instance some hard facts about excessive exuberance and lavish spending by a Minister of the present Douglas administration. This Minister, who is not a senior member of cabinet, regularly spends three thousand to four thousand pounds sterling (that is EC$12,600 to EC$16,800) on limousine transport for only five days when he goes to England. Just imagine that for a moment…the Minister is costing the taxpayers of this country up to EC$3,360 per day to be chauffeur-driven around London, ostensibly on government business! Could you imagine what a senior Minister or, more so, the ‘top dog”himself, Douglas, is costing this country in limousine service alone when they travel abroad? There is a reason why the Douglas Labour administration and Douglas in particular is fighting tool and nail to remain in office and many people believe it has to do with corrupt behavior and practices associated with and involving the hundreds of millions of dollars reportedly going through LEX Consulting and LAD; the almost three hundred million dollars that has gone “poof”in La Valle; the tens of millions of dollars that escaped like Houdini into thin air; the almost one hundred million dollars channeled into Kittitian Hill through the SIDF without public knowledge; the massive cost overruns (up to one hundred percent) on the FT Williams Highway construction; the near two hundred million dollars used to buy generators for the power plant over some ten years, with no commensurate increase in the reliability of electricity supply. Douglas’ reason for saying ‘there will be a revolution in this country”if the Unity movement wins the next election is clear! Douglas cannot afford to come out of office because his Labour administration’s abuses must be more than those of the Parry NRP administration.